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Image Learning to Lie

Learning to Lie

Release Date 2003-07-02
Runtime 87 minutes
Genres Comedy, Drama
Stars Fabian Busch, Susanne Bormann, Fritzi Haberlandt, Sophie Rois, Anka Sarstedt
Directors Maria Köpf, Florian Hoffmeister, Elena Bromund, Nessie Nesslauer, Hendrik Handloegten

18-year-old school boy Helmut falls in love with fellow pupil Britta. He starts working for a Peace movement to get to know Britta. Britta, however, suddenly moves to San Francisco to live with her father and whilst there, finds a new boyfriend. Helmut studies, literature and politics in his home town and have a relationship with another girl from his former school, now studying medicine at the same university but they break up after having an affair with her roommate. Helmut begins a lot of short affairs with different women but still searches for his first girl.