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Image Me, Natalie

Me, Natalie

Release Date 1969-07-13
Runtime 111 minutes
Genres Drama, Comedy
Stars Patty Duke, James Farentino, Martin Balsam, Nancy Marchand, Elsa Lanchester
Directors Henry Mancini, Marion Dougherty, George Jenkins, Anna Hill Johnstone, Fred Coe

Since she was a child, Natalie Miller has always thought she was an ugly ducking. Despite her mother's encouragement that she will grow up to be pretty, Natalie has never believed it will happen. She rents a Greenwich Village apartment from an eccentric landlady and gets a job at the Topless Bottom Club. She rides a motorcycle to work, decorates her loft with a moose head, and rides up and down a dumbwaiter to get to her apartment. There Natalie meets David an artist, and the two have a love affair before she discovers he is married.