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Image The Ghouls

The Ghouls

Release Date 2003-11-06
Runtime 81 minutes
Genres Horror
Stars Timothy Muskatell, Tina Birchfield, Trent Haaga, Joseph Pilato, James Gunn
Directors Trent Haaga, Timothy Muskatell, David DeFino, Chad Ferrin, Chad Ferrin

Eric Hayes is a stringer. One notch below the lowest rung of the journalistic ladder. A video vulture preying on police chases, ambulance runs, and random street violence, selling his footage to the highest bidder and living on a steady diet of cigarettes and bloodlust. For years, Eric has lived off of other people's pain and misery. But he's about to discover something beneath the streets of Los Angeles even hungrier for blood than he is. He's about to discover THE GHOULS.