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Image Deadtime Stories

Deadtime Stories

Release Date 2009-10-28
Runtime 77 minutes
Genres Horror
Stars Amy Lynn Best, Bjorn Ahlstedt, Carla Bianco, Liz Duchez
Directors George A. Romero, Tom Savini, Christine Forrest, Michael Fischa, Michael Fischa

An anthology of three horror stories presented by George A. Romero. In "Valley of the Shadow," a woman searches for her missing husband in the jungles of South America, only to be in great danger herself. In "Wet," a lonely man finds an empty box on the beach and opens it, with disastrous results. In "House Call," a doctor is called to a rural farm house to diagnose a strange ailment. This segment is a short film directed by Tom Savini in 2004 as a failed television pilot.