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Image Vanishing Son II

Vanishing Son II

Release Date 1994-07-23
Runtime 90 minutes
Genres Drama, Action
Stars Russell Wong, Chi Muoi Lo, Dean Stockwell, Vivian Wu, Tamlyn Tomita
Directors Ted Berner, Peter Amundson, David Bergeaud, Buzz Feitshans IV, John Nicolella

The continuing saga of the Chang brothers: Jian-Wa and Wago. Picking up where it left off, Jian-Wa has left L.A. after a gangfight which involved his brother Wago. Jian-wa travels to the south and finds that hatred comes in all forms as a group of racist whites feud with harmless Vietnamese fishermen. Jian-wa decides to side with the Vietnamese and help them defend themselves. Back in Los Angeles, Wago is enjoying his new life as a gangster.