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Image The Watchman

The Watchman

Release Date 2019-10-24
Runtime 106 minutes
Genres Drama, Thriller
Stars Yury Bykov, Vladislav Abashin, Alla Yuganova, Arthur Beschastny, Gela Meskhi
Directors Yury Bykov, Yury Bykov, Yury Bykov, Alexander Kotelevsky, Anna Kruty

The protagonist Vlad is a man of about forty; he lives and works as watchman in an old sanatorium that is due to be demolished. He obviously needs this work to live the life of a hermit. One night a married couple appears at the sanatorium: Vera and Stas. They are on the run. They are pursued by former friends and business partners of Stas. Vlad decides to help them, because he too is hiding from the past. Each character is threatened with the inevitable payment for wrong choices in the past, but helping each other, they try to expiate these faults.