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Image Before you wake up

Before you wake up

Release Date 2017-07-13
Runtime 1 minutes
Genres Animation, Drama, Romance
Stars Sora Amamiya, Hiro Shimono
Directors loundraw, loundraw, loundraw, loundraw

One night, university student Souta meets a girl he has never met before. Yuki, who claims to have been saved by Souta in the past, seems to know nothing about outside world, from shopping to holding a fork. There is also something curious about her. She is extremely afraid of getting her skin touched. The curious life of the strange girl changes little by little. There are men who seek to capture Yuki. It is said that Yuki has a power which holds the fate of the world, and they want her to sacrifice herself for the world. What is the power within Yuki? Why does she refuse to be touched? At last, Yuki reveals to Souta her hidden truth.