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Image P.J. Sparkles

P.J. Sparkles

Release Date 1992-01-01
Runtime 30 minutes
Genres Animation
Stars Jodi Benson, Samantha Eggar, Robby Benson, Oliver Muirhead, Roger Rees
Directors Mimi Kwon, Steven Hahn, Karen Peterson, Michael Hack, Michealene Cristini Risley

PJ is an orphan with no last name and she has a special wish, she wants someone to love. One night while out riding her grey horse Blaze, PJ gets her wish. The "Wishing Star" shines its magic light on her and her horse and PJ is transported to the gray world of Twinkle Town. There she meets three new friends, Glimmer, Glowee, and Sparks, three lonely children who live there and have been wishing for someone to love them. The Wishing Star has turned Blaze into a beautiful white talking horse and given PJ a crown that talks! Her clothing has changed into a brilliant, sparkling dress, which gives her a last name, she is now PJ Sparkles! She's been given a magic power, the magic of LOVE!