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Image Crackoholic


Release Date 2010-12-31
Runtime 94 minutes
Genres Documentary
Stars Leo Houlding, Stefan Wulf, Andreas Klarström, Jan Liliemark, Lars Granqvist
Directors Jonas Paulsson, Mikael Widerberg

Crackoholic , by Jonas Paulsson and Mikael Widerberg, is quite different to most other climbing movies. The style is somewhat similar to that of the classic Hard Grit, in that it provides a historical perspective to the climbing of the area. In this case Bohusln on the Swedish west coast. We also get to meet and listen to some of the climbers who, through the decades, have been important to the development, of difficulty as well as ethics, and hear their thoughts on climbing and risk. As would be expected, these thoughts range from profound to cliche. Of course, there's also a lot of climbing, from moderates to FA's of cutting edge "death" routes.