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Image Secrets in the Water

Secrets in the Water

Release Date 2020-01-01
Runtime 77 minutes
Genres Thriller
Stars Cerina Vincent, Emily Skinner, Brian Krause, Alexis Jayde Burnett, Keikilani Grune
Directors Michael Feifer, Michael Feifer, Brandon Jarrett, Michael Moran, Fernando Szew

Inspired by a true story. When Mia’s body washes ashore, her mother, Laura, enlists the help of Mia’s best friend, Bailey, to figure out who killed her daughter. Together, they narrow down the suspects to a secret boyfriend and a classmate Mia rejected. As they further investigate, they find Mia’s secret boyfriend dead along with a note confessing to Mia’s murder. But when the police call Laura with new evidence, the real killer may be closer than she thinks.