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Image The Chronicles of Rebecca

The Chronicles of Rebecca

Release Date 2020-03-14
Runtime 0 minutes
Genres Animation
Directors Shizuo Kurahashi, Yukiyo Teramoto, Yukiyo Teramoto, Naohiro Fukushima, Satoko Fujimoto

Set in a rural town in Maine, USA, at the end of the 19th century. The second of seven siblings, Rebecca, is a bright and energetic 10-year-old girl. When her father dies, Rebecca’s life becomes harder and she is sent to live with her two aunts, Miranda and Jane. Rebecca, who admires the gentle Jane, constantly cowers from the strict and nagging Miranda. One day, Rebecca is scolded by Miranda for going out in a pink dress that Jane had made for her by hand. After Miranda insults her father, Rebecca explodes and leaves the house in a rage…