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Image Matando Cabos 2: La Máscara del Máscara

Matando Cabos 2: La Máscara del Máscara

Release Date 2021-10-01
Runtime 102 minutes
Genres Action, Comedy, Adventure
Stars Joaquín Cosío, Silverio Palacios, Martha Claudia Moreno, Jesús Mario Lozano, Ricardo Barona
Directors Alejandro Lozano, Alejandro Lozano, Billy Rovzar, Alexis Fridman, Tomás Barreiro

Faced with the unexpected death of his estranged father -El Máscara- and the subsequent theft of his precious mask, Rubén -Mascarita- will find himself confronted with his past. Alongside his invincible bodyguard Tony "The Cannibal" and, an unexpected ally, he will have only one day to recover it and make amends with the memory of his father.