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Image The Girl on a Bulldozer

The Girl on a Bulldozer

Release Date 2022-04-07
Runtime 113 minutes
Genres Mystery, Drama
Stars Kim Hye-yoon, Park Hyuk-kwon, Yesung, Oh Man-seok, Choi Hee-jin
Directors Lee Ju-noh, Han Young-gyu, Kim Pil-soo, An Hyeon-geon, Park Ri-woong

Haeyoung is a hopeless girl. She lives with her father who runs a Chinese restaurant, and a younger sibling. One day, her father has a mysterious accident, which places her in a position of responsibility. She is now not only the head of the house and must look after her younger sibling, but also an investigator tasked with finding the truth about the accident, and a fighter standing against the ugly world.