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Image This Way Out of Brooklyn

This Way Out of Brooklyn

Release Date 2002-01-01
Runtime 89 minutes
Genres Drama
Stars Joseph Pilato, Ken Arquelio, LoriDawn Messuri
Directors Michael Serrian, Michael Serrian, Dean St. John, Dean St. John, Dean St. John

Tony desperately needs some cold hard cash to help finance his next big business venture. He left Brooklyn years ago to get away from his old man and now is shacked up with his main squeeze, Aphrodite, in a Venice flophouse. One day his baby brother Mikey pays him a visit from Brooklyn. The two brothers have a deal cooking and Aphrodite is itching to find out what they have under their sleeves. But Mikey has other interests besides his deal with Tony, as he becomes more and more drawn to Aphrodite. As the brothers' plan begins to unravel, the boys encounter even more twists and turns than they had ever bargained for. They find themselves in a predicament where nothing is as it seems and the dawning realization that there is no way out of Brooklyn...