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Image The Oklahoman

The Oklahoman

Release Date 1957-05-19
Runtime 80 minutes
Genres Western
Stars Joel McCrea, Barbara Hale, Brad Dexter, Gloria Talbott, Michael Pate
Directors Francis D. Lyon, Daniel B. Ullman

After his wife dies in childbirth, a doctor (Joel McCrea) settles down in the small Oklahoma town of Cherokee Wells to raise his newborn daughter. Unfortunately, not all the citizens there are hospitable, especially when the doctor hires a pretty Indian teenager (Gloria Talbott) as his child's nanny. Directed by Francis D. Lyon and released in 1957, this western also stars Barbara Hale, Brad Dexter, Verna Felton, Esther Dale, Douglas Dick, Michael Pate, Sheb Wooley, Ray Teal, Mimi Gibson and Anthony Caruso.