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Image Shaman King

Shaman King

Release Date 2022-04-21
Runtime 24 minutes
Genres Animation, Comedy, Sci-Fi & Fantasy, Action & Adventure
Stars Yoko Hikasa, Katsuyuki Konishi, Minami Takayama, Megumi Hayashibara, Inuko Inuyama
Directors Shoji Yonemura, Akihiko Sano, Masafumi Mima, Yuki Hayashi, Megumi Hayashibara

Medium Yoh Asakura enters a battle tournament held every 500 years, competing with other shamans in a bid to become the all-powerful Shaman King.

1. The Man Who Dances with Ghosts


Shaman Yoh Asakura offers to help his new classmate Manta face a notorious thug with the aid of a legendary samurai spirit.

2. Another Shaman


Yoh and Manta encounter the shaman Ren, who shows no mercy when fighting a punk. Furious at Ren’s misuse of his powers, Yoh faces him in battle.

3. Anna and Tao Jun


Anna tells Yoh about the new tournament to crown the next Shaman King. Ren's sister Jun challenges Yoh to a battle, with Amidamaru as the prize.

4. Happy Place


After possessing Ryu, Tokageroh takes Manta hostage. Yoh and Amidamaru fight him, but Tokageroh wields Harusame and they're at a disadvantage.

5. Over Soul


One of the Patch Officiants, Silva, unleashes his five animal spirits against Yoh to determine if he's worthy of participating in the Shaman Fight.

6. Yoh vs. Horohoro!


Now qualified for the tournament, Yoh faces his first opponent, Horohoro of Hokkaido, a proud Ainu shaman who can manipulate ice and snow.

7. A Form of Courage


Faust VIII, a necromancer who can manipulate corpses, enrages Yoh when he targets Manta for sadistic experimentation before their match.

8. Progress


With Ren as his next opponent, Yoh distances himself from Manta to ensure his friend's safety. Later, Yoh returns to Izumo to continue his training.

9. Yoh vs. Ren: Again!


The last battle in the preliminary round begins. Fated rivals Yoh and Ren fight to the limit, but who will punch their ticket to the main tournament?

10. Night in the Flame


Ren returns to China to take care of unfinished business. The BōZ Brothers ambush Yoh and Tamao, but a familiar face comes to their rescue.

11. A Tale of Two Men


Back home, an imprisoned Ren vows to defeat his father after losing to him in a fight. Meanwhile, Yoh and the others set out for China to rescue Ren.

12. Ren vs. En: The End of the Tao


Ren and his allies make their way toward En. The head of the Tao family may be a formidable foe, but Yoh and company aren't ones to back down.

13. And Hao!


Yoh’s group meets the self-proclaimed future king. Those in the main tournament board a flight, not knowing their first trial is about to begin.

14. Lyserg the Avenger


As Yoh and the others prepare to travel to a town where a Patch Tribe village once stood, the dowser Lyserg appears and asks to join their group.

15. When the Pieces Come Together


Yohmei tasks Anna with delivering an ancient book belonging to the Asakura family to Yoh in the United States. Horohoro’s guardian Kororo goes missing.

16. Enter the Ultra-Pompandour


Searching for answers, Yoh and company arrive at the ancestral village of the Patch Tribe, where they find themselves beset by Hao’s followers.

17. Guns of the Angels


Facing Boris, Ryu unleashes a new power acquired from his training with Yoh's grandfather Yohmei. An unexpected person appears before Manta and Anna.

18. Great Spirits and My Team


Yoh's group reaches the Patch Tribe Village as they find the Great Spirits and learn the purpose of the Shaman Fight. A cheery shaman joins the team.

19. Jaguar


While looking for Lyserg, Yoh and friends are confronted by Faust, who makes a startling offer. Finally the stage is set, and the Shaman Fight begins.

20. Joco’s Christmas


Team Ren faces off against Hao's lackeys, Team Tsuchi-gumi. Joco recalls his past with a certain person after being cornered in a desperate situation.

21. Iron Maiden Jeanne


The second Shaman Fight begins as Team X-I of the X-Laws take on Egypt's Team Niles. But X-I's newest member is someone Yoh's group knows all too well.

22. I'll Go Anywhere with You


Team Funbari Hot Springs begins their first match versus the Icemen. But Yoh vows to defeat them with one attack thanks to the ultra senji ryakketsu.

23. The Power of Yoh


Overwhelmed by Faust's new Over Soul, the Icemen crumble under the pressure — then launch a sub-zero counterattack as the end of the match approaches.

24. Trust No One


Yoh meets with Lyserg for a long-awaited conversation, but others lurking nearby intervene. Finally, X-Laws' team X-III takes on Hao's Hoshi-gumi team.

25. The Great Onmyoji, Hao Asakura


Yoh watches helplessly as Team X-III desperately fights Hao, who reveals the secret of his birth and his thousand-year history with the Asakura clan.

26. Mikihisa Typhoon


Yoh's friends are stunned by the revelation about Hao. Later, a mysterious masked man appears before Team Ren with an offer to make them stronger.

27. Farewell Forever


Ren gains new power after taking on his powerful opponent. As the Shaman Fight continues, Hao's followers begin targeting teams outside the ring.

28. What Yoh Decided


Horohoro and Joco try to escape Hao's follower Peyote Díaz with an injured Ren, but Yoh makes a surprising entrance. Elsewhere, Anna makes her move.

29. Emeth


As Anna helps Mikihisa's teammates escape to their Shaman Fight, Tamao and Jun's battle against Hao's Hana-gumi heats up.

30. Mt. Osore Le Voile


Yoh accepts Jeanne's conditions as payment for healing Ren, leaving their friends in shock. Anna recalls the first time she met Yoh five years ago.

31. Mt. Osore Le Voile II


Yoh tries to understand his fiancée, who continues to reject him and her connection to the demon attacking the town. Matamune's past is revealed.

32. Mt. Osore Le Voile III


Bit by bit, Anna and Yoh get closer when they visit the shrine together for New Year's. But Anna's powers bring on a dangerous situation.

33. Mt. Osore Le Voile IV


Yoh and Matamune arrive at Mt. Osorezan to rescue Anna from the giant demon born from people's hearts, but Yoh only has one shot to save her.

34. To Be King


Yoh's path to being Shaman King is over. Ryu and Manta spy on Jeanne's successful resurrection of Ren, which has an unexpectedly powerful side effect.

35. Reunion


Horohoro finishes the fight with Brocken's team. Lyserg brings an injured Horohoro to Yoh's team when Peyote attacks with the intent to kill.

36. Redseb and Seyrarm


Mikihisa's teammates, siblings Ludsev and Seyram, seek revenge against the person who killed their father. But Yoh steps in before it's too late.

37. Winds of Laughter


Golem's new user goes on a rampage while Ren, Ludsev and the others come up with a plan to bring them back to their senses. Hao gives Opacho a task.

38. Graduation


Opacho appears in front of Yoh with a message: Yoh must return to the Shaman Fight or Hao will destroy Golem and the children. What will he decide?

39. The Summit


Yoh has come to negotiate with X-LAWS to return to the Shaman Fight, but when Lakist intervenes, the situation becomes chaotic. However, when Lakist enters the fray, the battle turns violent. As the battle rages on, Jeanne, the leader of X-LAWS, appears!

40. Humility


Following the Hao Faction and X-LAWS, the match between "Team Ming King" and "Team THE Ren" of Gandhara, the three major forces, has begun. The Ren struggles against the inexplicable technique of Yainage, which nullifies the Oversoul, and unleashes a new power! Which one of them will get the victory after the fierce battle?

41. Encounters in Hell


Team THE REN " defeated "Team MEIOH" by Horohoro's activity. However, this meant that they had to face the "Funbari Hot Spring Team". Hao's team is also steadily winning the Shaman Fight. At the same time, a suspicious group of people were approaching ...... to the determined Yoh.

42. A Great Trial


Yoh has fallen into hell at the hands of Sati, the leader of Gandhara. What is the identity of the person who appears in front of her in the depths of hell? And what is Gandhara's true intention in sending them to hell? In the midst of the chaos of the Shaman Fight, an unprecedented challenge stands in front of Yoh and his friends!

43. The End of a Dream


While Yoh and his friends were training in hell, in the present world, Marco and Tamao were desperately resisting to protect Jeanne who had fallen by surprise by Hao's margin. In addition, the last resistance of X-LAWS "X-II", which was defeated by Hao, has caused an unexpected crisis.

44. Speak Slowly


Hao's men are distrustful of Hao's inability to understand their true intentions, and defect from him. Hao's minions distrust Hao's inability to read their true intentions and turn against him, but Anna manages to wound Hao using a secret technique, and Hao manifests the ultimate oversoul. Meanwhile, Hao and his men take to the stage for another Shaman Fight to settle the score!

45. The First and The Last


The curtain finally opened on the "Funbari Hot Springs Team" vs. Yoh was hit by the thunderous and caustic shamanistic power of Ren and the icy shamanistic power of Horohoro, but just as he was about to counterattack, an unexpected person intervened in the stadium. Furthermore, the situation takes an unexpected turn when Sati of Gandhara speaks ......!

46. True Justice


Yoh and his team go to the site of the decisive battle and are confronted by a large fleet of ships of unknown affiliation and the strongest trump card of the X-LAWS, but they are wiped out by Hao's overwhelming power. Then, Yoh and his team step into the site of the second tournament and make a decision they never thought they would make: ......!

47. Plants


Finally, the winner of the shaman fight is decided. In order to prevent the extinction of the human race, Yoh and his friends try to prevent the fusion of Hao and Great Spirits, but the Patch Tribe blocks their way to protect the birth of the new Shaman King. Among them is the man who once guided Yoh!

48. Ever Since


Defeat ten plants that recreate every natural environment and the ten priests who guard them. This was the only way to reach Hao. Thanks to the efforts and sacrifices of their friends, the Warriors continue to move steadily forward, but finally, Hao reaches the company of the king. Little time is left until the birth of the new Shaman King--!

49. Good Night


When Yoh and his friends arrived at Karim, the priest in charge of Horohoro, they were exhausted from the repeated fierce battles. Karim's advice to rest for the time being was followed by an unexpected "gift" to the Ipas. Could it be the trump card to defeat Hao?

50. Foreign Damselfish


After a brief respite at the highland plant, Ip and his friends once again take on the priest Karim. During the resumed mortal combat, the darkness that Holoholo has been harboring is finally revealed. ...... And finally, that man stands in the way of Yoh and his friends as they trudge through the remaining plants!

51. Last Test Shaman Fight


After defeating Silva, the ninth priest, Yoh and his friends enter the final plant, "Universe," only to be confronted by the last priest, Razaho. The leaves find themselves in a desperate predicament in the face of Razaho's inexplicably powerful and matchless techniques. Finally, the ultimate despair that everyone had feared awakens. ......!

52. God End


Hao has finally reached the Shaman King and become a new god. His friends fall one after another in the face of his overwhelming power. As the countdown to mankind's extinction continues, Yoh and his friends, shamans who communicate with spirits, have not yet given up hope.