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Image Taskmaster NZ

Taskmaster NZ

Release Date 2022-09-07
Runtime 45 minutes
Genres Comedy
Stars Jeremy Wells, Paul Williams, Chris Parker, Josh Thomson, Justine Smith

Jeremy Wells reigns supreme alongside his royal assistant Paul Williams, in the highly anticipated local version of Taskmaster. They'll be putting Kiwi comedians through their paces in a series of bizarre, hilarious and ingenious tasks.

1. F**k Golf


Taskmaster NZ is back with Chris Parker, Josh Thomson, Justine Smith, Kura Forrester and Paul Ego joining Jeremy Wells and his loyal assistant Paul Williams for another season of tasks.

2. Sauce Tits


Our second episode reveals this season's teams with a task involving a large ball and a cow. We see our comedians delight all five senses, and Paul Ego makes a dramatic exit from the shed.

3. Mexican Lasagna


This episode sees Jeremy Wells getting scared, some questionable flags being created, and Chris Parker hanging out the washing.

4. Herbs & Spices


Tonight finally settles the debate of who is the smartest comedian, Justine Smith searches for a duck, and our teams go for a drive.

5. The Prime Minister Thanks You


It's the halfway point of the season, and our comedians all set out to create history. Water gets thrown, terrible investments are shown, and Josh Thomson tries not to touch a cow.

6. Sweet Navel Orange


Paul Williams jumps behind the camera for episode six. Kura Forrester becomes a superhero and the comedians' superstitions are put to the test.

7. Butt Heavy


Tonight's episode shows who's the most generous, who's the most enchanting, and who's the most observant. Plus, a star of season 2 returns - see if you can spot him.

8. Best Friends


The caravan is covered in tasks, we see five things the Taskmaster has never seen, and Chris Parker makes a new best friend.

9. Well Alright!


It's our penultimate episode and the scores could not be closer. Tonight, brand new breakfast staples are made, everyone becomes one with nature, and Paul Williams gets fooled.

10. Wet Ass Cutlery


It's neck and neck between two comedians competing for the Taskmaster's golden head. Who can trick-or-treat their way to the trophy?