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Image Love Twist

Love Twist

Release Date 2022-05-20
Runtime 30 minutes
Genres Family, Comedy, Drama
Stars Ham Eun-jeong, Kim Jin-yeop, Hwang Shin-hye, Yoon Da-hoon, Shim Hye-jin

A drama depicting a sweet twist in love between the parents and children of three families around the love of two main characters.

1. Episode 1


So Ri and Ha Ru start a business together. It is an online shop called Twist. Facing a big meeting with an investor, they feel rather lost and confused. Meanwhile, Ok Hee cooks up a storm as she waits for her husband, Kwang Nam, to return from a work trip. After Kwang Nam comes home, Ok Hee becomes worried that she can't reach her friend Hee Ok.

2. Episode 2


Ok Hee meets with Hee Ok and hears about her difficult marriage and divorce. She feels terrible for her friend and tells Hee Ok that she wants to help her live a better life from now on. Meanwhile, So Ri becomes enraged when she discovers that Yun A ran off after causing a disaster at work. As Ha Ru keeps defending Yun A, So Ri feels upset.

3. Episode 3


It wasn’t a part of the plan to run into Mi Ja after Kwang Nam and Hee Ok’s quality time together. Not long after, Mi Ja tells Ok Hee everything she saw. Meanwhile, Chul Gu offers Ha Ru a job at a company in Silicon Valley. At the same time, Ok Hee and So Ri enter into a deal, and So Ri now needs to go on a blind date.

4. Episode 4


Mi Ja witnesses Kwang Nam and Hee Ok playing footsy under the table at Ok Hee's house party. Out of anger, she calls Hee Ok to confront her about it. Meanwhile, So Ri rushes out to see Ha Ru after receiving a loan from Ok Hee in return for going on a blind date, but Ha Ru doesn't seem to be too thrilled.

5. Episode 5


With Hee Ok and Yun A’s interference, Ha Ru eventually decides to shut down Twist. Although it is not what he truly wants, So Ri still agrees that shutting down the business is the wise choice. Meanwhile, Dong Man also finds out about Kwang Nam and Hee Ok’s secret relationship. Using this as leverage, he persuades Kwang Nam to hire Kyung Jun into Dongbang.

6. Episode 6


Kyung Jun is overjoyed to hear that he has been hired by Dongbang. However, when he discovers that he is to work as Kwang Nam's driver, not his personal assistant, he feels disappointed. Meanwhile, Ok Hee goes to see Hee Ok at the hotel where she is staying. Then, Kwang Nam decides to surprise Hee Ok with a visit.

7. Episode 7


Since So Ri decides to shut down Twist, Yun A takes it upon herself to sell the remaining inventory in their office. When So Ri finds Yun A selling the clothes on the street, the two end up arguing. Hee Ok sends Ok Hee away and calls Kwang Nam back to her hotel room. However, Ok Hee also heads back to the hotel, curious about the weird man Hee Ok seems to be dating.

8. Episode 8


Kwang Nam finds out that So Ri and Ha Ru are in business together. Out of anger, Kwang Nam rushes over to see Ha Ru and slaps him in the face. Meanwhile, Kwang Nam and Hee Ok get right back to their affair at a safe place they created away from Ok Hee's eyes.

9. Episode 9


Ok Hee is confident that Hee Ok is living with the guy she thinks is trouble and becomes determined to figure out his identity. While Next guarantees their investment, So Ri and Ha Ru learn about one another's feelings and attempt to get Ok Hee to accept their love and cheer them on. Later, Ok Hee gets Ha Ru to ask his mom where she lives.

10. Episode 10


Hee Ok is angry that Kwang Nam is making her stay in a run-down apartment in Seoul as an adultress and tells him that she wants to head back to the US. Kwang Nam tries to appease her by giving her the old apartment. Meanwhile, Ok Hee goes to Ha Ru's place and talks to him about his relationship with So Ri. She promises to be on their side and to support the two of them.

11. Episode 11


Ok Hee comes to visit Hee Ok and witnesses Kwang Nam and Hee Ok walking back home together. Ok Hee gets furious at them, but she goes to the bar where Kwang Nam used to drink and meets Madam Jung instead. Meanwhile, So Ri and Ha Ru decide to go on a trip together, but Kyung Jun tries to stop them by telling them about their parents' affair.

12. Episode 12


Despite the fact that Kyung Jun might get fired, Mi Ja makes up her mind to tell Ok Hee the truth about Kwang Nam and Hee Ok. However, Ok Hee already found it out herself, so she only throws a fit at Mi Ja. Furthermore, she barges into Hee Ok's apartment for confrontation. Meanwhile, Kyung Jun and Yun A team up to find So Ri and Ha Ru, who went on a trip together.

13. Episode 13


Kwang Nam is speechless after Ok Hee furiously tells him to end his relationship with Hee Ok right that instant. Ha Ru and So Ri end up having to camp out in their car to avoid unwelcome guests, Kyung Jun and Yun A, who had come all the way to see them. The two of them end their first night together in the back of their car.

14. Episode 14


Although Ha Ru and So Ri ask Kwang Nam to allow their relationship, he coldly rejects, saying he can't accept anyone who doesn't even know their father. Mi Ja becomes angry while gathering things Ok Hee wants back, and out of anger, she rushes over to Hee Ok and tells her about Ha Ru and So Ri's relationship.

15. Episode 15


Kwang Nam brings Next's investment in Twist to a halt so he can split Ha Ru and So Ri up. Hee Ok tells Ha Ru to go to the US to get him away from So Ri. Meanwhile, Ok Hee, who keeps Kwang Nam and Hee Ok's affair to herself, suggests to So Ri that she should break up with Ha Ru.

16. Episode 16


So Ri runs into Kwang Nam as he is leaving Hee Ok's apartment. She has no choice but to believe the news about his affair and is in shock. Meanwhile, Dong Man meets Ki Tae, an old high school buddy, on the streets. After a few drinks, Dong Man blurts out the fact that Kwang Nam and Hee Ok are having an affair.

17. Episode 17


So Ri leaves home, and Ha Ru declares that he will cut ties with Hee Ok. Kwang Nam and Hee Ok realize that they can't go on like this any longer and decide to end their relationship. Hee Ok packs up her things to go back to the US when Ki Tae suddenly barges into her house. He demands to know who Ha Ru's father is.

18. Episode 18


Ki Tae wants to get DNA testing done with Ha Ru. To stop Ki Tae, Hee Ok tells him that Ha Ru's biological father is Kwang Nam. Meanwhile, Do Hee and Kyung Jun, who lied to one another, meet up again, and Yun A and Chul Gu get drunk and spend a hot night together.

19. Episode 19


So Ri says goodbye to Ok Hee, telling her that she and Ha Ru will marry and move to the US. Shortly after, Ki Tae suddenly shows up in front of Ok Hee, who is still heartbroken by So Ri's words. Meanwhile, Kyung Jun and Do Hee believe each other's family is affluent and fall into a blissful world.

20. Episode 20


Ok Hee asks Kwang Nam if Ha Ru is his son. He tries to explain he isn't, but Ok Hee won't listen. Kwang Nam realizes the decision he made was wrong and regrets it. Ha Ru and So Ri think about their future and spend a wonderful time together at Twist. Meanwhile, Kyung Jun gets caught stealing Mi Ja's ring he wanted to give Do Hee.

21. Episode 21


Ok Hee sees the DNA test results that say Kwang Nam is Ha Ru's father and becomes furious. Although Hee Ok tries to explain, Ok Hee refuses to listen. She declares to Kwang Nam later on that she wants a divorce. That night, Ok Hee receives a text message from So Ri saying that she is registering her marriage to Ha Ru the next day.

22. Episode 22


Ok Hee goes to see Ha Ru and tells him that Kwang Nam is his dad, making him and So Ri siblings. Then, she proceeds to have So Ri dragged home and locked up in her room. Meanwhile, Kyung Jun and Do Hee run into each other at Kwang Nam's house and are shocked to find out about each other's true identities.

23. Episode 23


Eventually, Ha Ru leaves So Ri without saying goodbye. Devastated by his sudden departure, So Ri does her best to find him. Meanwhile, Ok Hee and Kwang Nam try to persuade Kwang Nam’s parents to allow their divorce. But Ok Hee plans to leave Kwang Nam regardless of their approval. Ok Hee now has a lot to go through as her relationship with both her daughter and husband is unstable.

24. Episode 24


So Ri finds out that Ha Ru is at Yun A’s place. When So Ri confronts the two, Ha Ru tells lies and says that he is with Yun A now to end things with So Ri for good. However, So Ri does not believe him and will not back down from taking him back. The news that Ha Ru and Yun A are together spread quickly. The parents of the three kids are concerned about what to do with this incident.

25. Episode 25


Kyung Jun saves So Ri's life at the beach, and So Ri makes him a rather sudden offer of marriage. Although he is surprised, Kyung Jun doesn't want to miss this chance of a lifetime. Upon accepting So Ri's offer, Kyung Jun starts to talk badly about Do Hee to So Ri's grandparents in order to get rid of her for good.

26. Episode 26


Ha Ru hears that So Ri and Kyung Jun are getting married and goes to talk to So Ri. Although Ha Ru wants to tell her the truth about why they had to break up, So Ri doesn't want to hear anything from him at all. Meanwhile, Kwang Nam gets upset when he discovers what Ok Hee said about him to Hee Ok and confronts her about it.

27. Episode 27


Chairman Oh gets shocked when Kyung Jun tells him about So Ri and Ha Ru's tragic truth. However, now that he knows Ha Ru is his grandson, he wants to add him to his family registry to leave him an inheritance. Meanwhile, Hee Ok boldly visits Ok Hee to ask for her help again because she is out of budget to support Ha Ru and Yun A.

28. Episode 28


Kyung Jun is in utter disbelief after learning that the genetic testing that Chairman Oh ordered him to do isn't a match. To find out more, he goes to see Hee Ok. That night after giving it considerable thought, Chairman Oh tells So Ri she shouldn't have the baby.

29. Episode 29


Chairman Oh dies unable to overcome the trauma. Ok Hee finds his last will and testament where he had fallen and is shocked by his words. At Chairman Oh's funeral, So Ri and Ha Ru reunite. As So Ri watches Ha Ru get Yun A strawberries to overcome her pregnancy morning sickness, she is heartbroken.

30. Episode 30


So Ri, who has made up her mind to marry Kyung Jun, announces to her family about her decision. With the news, one family rejoices, and the other gets thrown into chaos. Meanwhile, Yun A witnesses So Ri at the obstetrics and gynecology clinic while getting a checkup and figures out she is pregnant.

31. Episode 31


Five years go by, and So Ri struggles to keep Twist afloat on her own. As So Ri fails to get an investment from Next once again, Kwang Nam finds himself stuck in an unhappy marriage with Hee Ok. Then one day, he sees Ok Hee by chance. Meanwhile, Ki Tae realizes that Ha Ru might not be Kwang Nam's son and sends Ha Ru an email.

32. Episode 32


Ha Ru returns to Korea and has a paternity test done with his and Kwang Nam's DNA. He finds out that Kwang Nam is not his biological father and that Kwang Nam is actively interfering with So Ri's business endeavors. Meanwhile, Yun A hears that Ha Ru plans to stay in Korea for a while and returns to Korea with her daughter Saet Byeol.

33. Episode 33


Today is So Ri’s grandfather’s memorial day. On this big day, So Ri learns from her mother that she and Ha Ru are blood-related. So Ri also finds out that her grandfather wishes Ha Ru to be officially added to the family registry, but she will not make that happen for the sake of Han Byeol’s future. As the time for the memorial rite approaches, the Parks and the Ohs gather only to cause more trouble.

34. Episode 34


So Ri shows up at her parents’ house and strongly claims that Ha Ru must not be a part of the Oh family. For now, she says it is because she does not want to share the family inheritance with him, but nobody is able to read her true intentions. To prevent Ha Ru from giving influence on the family, So Ri decides to go back to her parents’ house and live there with them.

35. Episode 35


Everyone in the Oh and Park family becomes busy after Ha Ru’s visit. While Kwang Nam wants to bring in So Ri instead of Ha Ru, Hee Ok wishes to do the opposite. Meanwhile, Ok Hee has been living in the slums despite all the money she got from the divorce. Although others think that she fell for a scam, her confidence shows that she has something hidden under her sleeve.

36. Episode 36


So Ri, who had decided to sell Twist to stop Ha Ru's name from ending up on the family register and had moved back into Kwang Nam's house, finds out that the person who had been blocking all possible investments in Twist was Kwang Nam all along. Meanwhile, Ha Ru moves into the house across the street from Kwang Nam. He asks Ok Hee to live with him while telling her about his revenge.

37. Episode 37


Ok Hee tells Soon Bun that Ha Ru is Chairman Oh's grandson and hands her his will. Shocked at the news, Soon Bun runs over to see Ha Ru. Meanwhile, Kwang Nam is heartbroken when he hears that Ok Hee has nowhere to live due to the redevelopment and is staying at Ha Ru's.

38. Episode 38


So Ri refuses to accept that Ha Ru is her brother until she sees some sort of proof with her own eyes. She agrees with her grandmother and asks for another paternity test. Kwang Nam and Hee Ok find themselves cornered and decide to tell the truth. However, Kyung Jun goes to Hee Ok with an unexpected offer.

39. Episode 39


At the district office, Kwang Nam ends up telling Ha Ru the truth and runs away from him. Meanwhile, Soon Bun asks Kwang Nam to show her the Family Relations Certificate as proof, but Hee Ok lies to her that Ha Ru has changed his mind. Ha Ru wants Hee Ok to apologize to Ok Hee and break up with Kwang Nam, but Hee Ok is not willing to do as he wants.

40. Episode 40


Yun A is shocked to find out that Ha Ru was aware he and So Ri weren't siblings. She demands to know whether Ha Ru decided to return to Korea because of So Ri, but Ha Ru insists that's not true. Meanwhile, Do Hee starts working again. When she pops into Kyung Jun's office, he begins to panic and worry.

41. Episode 41


Soon Bun tells Kwang Nam to end things with Hee Ok and get back together with Ok Hee. Meanwhile, Kyung Jun tries to persuade So Ri to work at Dongbang after telling her about Ha Ru. However, So Ri tells Kyung Jun to protect Dongbang in place of her.

42. Episode 42


Kwang Nam feels a sense of crisis as soon as he learns that Ha Ru, who is now a director at Dongbang, is going through their financial records. And to overcome any bad outcome, he appoints Kyung Jun as his successor. Meanwhile, Kyung Jun gets shaken up when he sees Do Hee and Won Byeol eating pizza at his parents' restaurant.

43. Episode 43


A new successor has been appointed to lead the future of Dongbang. The members of board are surprised and unhappy about the person that Kwang Nam chose. However, Ha Ru sees this as an opportunity and plans a scheme. Meanwhile, Yun A holds a birthday party for her daughter. So Ri and Do Hee will be attending with their children, but they also have an unexpected guest.

44. Episode 44


Kyung Jun runs into Do Hee and Won Byeol at Ha Ru's house with So Ri and Han Byeol. When he confronts her about getting too close to So Ri, Do Hee demands to be compensated for having to live a secret life. Meanwhile, Ok Hee sees how desperate Yun A is to have a second child and talks to Ha Ru about it.

45. Episode 45


Yun A is utterly devastated when her dreams of having a second child with Ha Ru are crushed. Hee Ok asks if Kwang Nam still loves Ok Hee, and Soon Bun, whose frustration regarding Hee Ok continues to grow, decides to invite Ok Hee over to the house. Meanwhile, Dong Man and Mi Ja go out to dinner when they witness something shocking.

46. Episode 46


After learning that Ha Ru was the one who invested in Twist, So Ri reminisces of the time they had dreams together and gets overcome with sorrow. Hee Ok feels threatened by Soon Bun's actions and tells Kwang Nam to either register their marriage or give her his shares of the nursing home. However, Kwang Nam tells her he is suffocating and declares war.

47. Episode 47


48. Episode 48


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57. Episode 57


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60. Episode 60


61. Episode 61


62. Episode 62


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65. Episode 65


66. Episode 66


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