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Image Wanted: Dead or Alive

Wanted: Dead or Alive

Release Date 1961-03-29
Runtime 25 minutes
Genres Western, Action & Adventure
Stars Steve McQueen
Directors Rudy Schrager

Wanted: Dead or Alive is an American Western television series starring Steve McQueen as the bounty hunter Josh Randall. It aired on CBS for three seasons from 1958–61. The black-and-white program was a spin-off of a March 1958 episode of Trackdown, a 1957–59 western series starring Robert Culp. Both series were produced by Four Star Television in association with CBS Television. The series launched McQueen into becoming the first television star to cross over into comparable status on the big screen.

1. The Trial


Daniel Trenner is wanted for court martial because of his cowardice several men is his platoon lost their lives. Josh is after Trenner for other reasons and wants to stop the trial.

2. The Cure


Emily Kendrick hires Josh to keep her beloved Harry from drinking himself to death, she has matrimony on her mind and with the arrival of Harry's brother for the wedding, she wants to make sure that all goes as planned.

3. Journey for Josh


Josh is delivering a female prisoner and becomes smitten with her, unknown to him is her accomplice, who is following them to break her loose.

4. The Looters


Josh is on his way to River City to pick up three prisoners, when an unexpected tornado destroys the jail, killing the sheriff. Josh is on the hunt to recapture the escapees.

5. The Twain Shall Meet


Josh allows an Eastern newspaper reporter to go with him on a manhunt for a story.

6. The Showdown


Johnny Haywood, a childhood friend of Josh's claims to be innocent of the crime he is accused of. When he escapes, Josh is ordered to bring him back - dead or alive.

7. Surprise Witness


Josh captures a notorious killer but no one wants to testify against him, until a surprise witness come forward, his mother.

8. To the Victor


Josh is hired by the men of the town to try and persuade the ladies to return to their homes after rebelling against their husbands gunplay.

9. Criss-Cross


When Josh brings in the wrong man mistakenly and after his release he finds the real criminal notifying Josh of the mans whereabouts.

10. The Medicine Man


Josh and a phony medicine man help out a man who was framed and falsely accused of the theft of a huge sum of money.

11. One Mother Too Many


Josh is hired by Beth a widow, to find her runaway son, who is currently in the care of her vindictive mother-in-law.

12. The Choice


Jane Koster asks Josh's help with her husband, Frank who is also a bounty hunter. He is out looking for Stacy Lenz with a score to settle and Jane fears for his life.

13. Three for One


Josh with prisoner Tom Fellows in tow, stops in the town of Center City overnight, unaware that one of Tom's cohorts is devising a plan to free him.

14. Witch Woman


Esperanza is not in love with the notorious Guerra and loves another but is too frightened to tell him because he kills any man who looks at her twice. Josh tries to reason with Guerra.

15. Baa-Baa


Josh is hired to find Baa-Baa a beloved pet of Mrs. Goode's. Her husband is desperate to find Baa-Baa as he is in the dog house with her until Baa-Baa returns. Josh reluctantly goes and looks for the lost sheep admist much ridicule from other ranchers and cowboys alike.

16. The Last Retreat


Sarah Lawton's identification led to killer Clem Robinson's conviction. Now Clem has escaped from prison, and Josh is hired for protection by Mrs. Lawton because her lawyer husband is a coward.

17. Bounty on Josh


Josh is asked to meet a client at the hotel, at his arrival he is shot. Josh tries to figure out who is behind the shooting.

18. Hero in the Dust


Josh is hired by Harry Weaver to find his twin brother Pete. Pete is using his resemblence to his brother to get away with murder.

19. Epitaph


Josh has to find his friend a Sheriff guilty of robbing a bank for a woman. Several other bounty hunters are out looking for the sheriff as well, Josh has to get there first.

20. The Voice of Silence


Josh is hired by Frank Hagen to protect his deaf-mute daughter Carol Hagen while he's away on business. During Josh's stay at the Hagen Farm, he encounters a strange drifter and former bank robber named Harry Brice accompanied by his criminal partners.

21. El Gato


A timid photographer named Archie Warner comes west with hopes of being the first to shoot a photo of a famous Mexican bandit. Josh happens to be a friend of 'El Gato', and is hired by Archie to met him.

22. Detour


Martin Fairweather has two lovely daughters which are the objects of a young man's affection. Papa doesn't want to lose his best cook and best cleaner so he proceeds to chase any possible suitors away. Josh's job is to distract Papa long enough for the girls to elope!

23. Monday Morning


Overridden with guilt Charlie Glover hires Josh to help him return the money he stole from his employer. Complications arise when the head head of operations, Sam Vickers finds out.

24. The Long Search


Yoshika Nakamura comes west to find a man named Bill Timmons who promised to marry her when he visited Japan. Yoshika hires Josh to help her locate Timmons, and during his venture learns about Japanese culture.

25. Dead Reckoning


Paul Decker is wanted for murder. His wife asks Josh to find her husband and bring him back alive before the Taggert brothers catch up with him for murdering their brother.

26. Barney's Bounty


Josh stops at his friend Barney's to get horses for his two prisoners, they manager to escape, leaving Josh and Barney to get them back for the reward.