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Image Spicks and Specks

Spicks and Specks

Release Date 2021-06-20
Runtime 30 minutes
Genres Comedy

Adam Hills, one of Australia's favourite comedians and winner of Edinburgh's Best of the Fest award, is joined by two team captains, comedian and actor Alan Brough and radio breakfast announcer Myf Warhurst, as well as brave personalities who enjoy having long forgotten embarrassing stories laughed about on national television. Two teams go head to head as they sing, shout and delve deep into the recesses of their collective minds to help earn their team an extremely inglorious victory.

1. G Flip, Linda Bull, Dilruk Jayasinha & Frank Woodley


Adam, Myf and Alan are joined by G Flip, Linda Bull, Frank Woodley and Dilruk Jayasinha to discuss how ads can help you sing, how to drum and play basketball at the same time and how Harry Styles can look like Susan Boyle.

2. Christie Whelan Browne, Nath Valvo, Scott Darlow & Danielle Walke


Adam launches a new 8-bit computer game, a jukebox musical based on the work of Mark 'Jacko' Jackson and a brand new round which results in Alan apologising to a superstar of the Australian music industry.

3. Amy Taylor, Denise Scott, Stephanie Kabanyana Kanyandekwe & Tom Ballard


Adam, Myf and Alan find out all about Synesthesia, what Amyl and the Sniffers said to Agro, whether Tom Ballard can tap dance and what Dee Snyder and Denise Scott's love child would look like.

4. Alice Skye, Rhys Nicholson, Josh Teskey & Zoe Coombs Marr


More music quiz fun with Adam, Myf and Alan. Alice Skye faces off against Josh Teskey in a Substitute masterclass. Rhys Nicholson and Zoe Coombs Marr battle it out on a giant keyboard and Brian Mannix breaks the internet.

5. Mo'Ju, Michala Banas, Eddie Perfect & Nazeem Hussain


Adam, Myf and Alan are joined by Eddie Perfect, Mo'Ju, Michala Banas and Nazeem Hussain to discuss karaoke, Play School reviewers, McLeod's Daughters in Germany and Naz's mum. Plus Dave O'Neil turns up in an ice-cream van.

6. Alex Lahey, Claire Hooper, Quan Yeomans & Anne Edmonds


Adam, Myf and Alan are joined by Alex Lahey, Quan Yeomans, Claire Hooper and Anne Edmonds and find out why Bruno Mars quit his job as a 4-year-old Elvis impersonator and what advice Cyndi Lauper gives to young musicians.

7. Kyla Matsuura-Miller, Kate McCartney, Isaiah Firebrace & Peter Helliar


Can Kate McCartney and Kyla Matsuura-Miller work out the price of Kurt Cobain's guitar? What was Isaiah Firebrace doing in Rebel Wilson's bed? And did Pete Helliar remain cool when he saw Shooter McGavin in New York?

8. Luke McGregor, Kate McLennan, Kate Ceberano & Mitch Tambo


Kate Ceberano, Mitch Tambo, Luke McGregor and Kate McLennan guest star in a show that features howling dingoes, dim sims on a turntable, You're the Voice sung in Gamilaraay and the beautiful sounds of the West African kora.

9. Gordi, Jess Harris, Sensible J & Lloyd Langford


Adam, Myf and Alan are joined by singer/songwriter Gordi, producer/drummer Sensible J and comedians Jess Harris and Lloyd Langford to discover why Little Richard gave up pop music and what a drug-addled Rick James destroyed.

10. Missy Higgins, Dave O'Neil, Yeo & Judith Lucy


Missy Higgins and Dave O'Neil help Alan battle it out with Yeo and Judith Lucy on team Myf for music knowledge glory. On the way they discuss Air Supply, mothers groups, bats, poltergeist detectors and expletive laden rants.