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Image Bravo, My Life

Bravo, My Life

Release Date 2022-07-01
Runtime 30 minutes
Genres Comedy, Drama, Family
Stars Nam Sang-ji, Yang Byeong-yeol, Lee Si-Gang, Cha Min-jee, Kim Hee-jung
Directors Sung Joon-hae, Koo Ji-won

Even though Seo Dong Hee comes from a poor family background, she has a bright and positive personality. She dreams of becoming a designer and slowly works her way to achieve her dream. She decides to become the mother of her nephew and raise him by herself. She also gets involved with Kang Cha Yeol. Kang Cha Yeol’s father runs a big company. His father wants him to work for his company, but Kang Cha Yeol doesn't want to. He wants to go back to the U.S., but he realizes he can't do anything without his father's financial support. His father tells Kang Cha Yeol to work for 1 year at his company.

1. Episode 1


Dong‑hui, who lives with her grandmother who runs a fish store in Taean, packs a lunch and heads to Seoul because her brother Jae‑seok is taking the bar exam. Meanwhile, Seung‑ju finds out that her house is ruined by her first love, Cha‑yeol...

2. Episode 2


Seung-ju spends the night with Jae-seok while drinking. Cha‑yeol, who went to Taean for a photo shoot, was mistaken for a thief by Dong‑hui while taking a picture of his grandmother's portrait. Meanwhile, Seung‑ju is feeling nauseous about being pregnant... (Source: Translated from KBS)

3. Episode 3


Dong‑hui repairs Cha‑Yeol's torn clothes. Meanwhile, when Jae‑suk finds out that Seung‑ju is pregnant with his child, he says he will take responsibility for it. Seung‑ju confesses to Cha‑yeol once again... (Source: Translated from KBS)

4. Episode 4


Jae‑seok goes to Taean because it's his grandmother's birthday. Cha‑yeol also heads to Taean with Seong‑wook to help Mi‑kyung's brother election. Meanwhile, Jae‑seok hears that Seung‑ju is in the delivery room and rushes to go... (Source: Translated from KBS)

5. Episode 5


Dong‑hui and her grandmother are shocked by Jae‑seok's car accident. Dong‑hui's grandmother is taken to the hospital, and Seung‑ju can't hide her tears because of the news of Jae‑suk's accident. (Source: Translated from KBS)

6. Episode 6


Cha‑yeol, who suffered from an accident, said that he would leave for the United States. Myung‑sook suggests to send Him‑chan to an orphanage... (Source: Translated from KBS)

7. Episode 7


Dong‑hui came out of the emergency room after treating Him‑chan with Hyun‑suk's help. On the advice of Myeong‑sook and Hyun‑suk, she is going to send Him‑chan to an orphanage... (Source: Translated from KBS)

8. Episode 8


Cha‑yeol needs money for his friend's son's hospital bill, so he asks his father for money, but he tells him to come to Korea first. (Source: Translated from KBS)

9. Episode 9


Dong‑hui misunderstood Cha‑yeol as a repeat thief and reports it, but it turns out that Cha‑yeol didn't steal the motorcycle, but rather borrowed it. (Source: Translated from KBS)

10. Episode 10


Dong‑hui goes to the meeting place with Cha‑yeol, but Cha‑yeol, who has already left, misunderstands that Dong‑hui did not come on purpose. Meanwhile, Seung‑ju faces a crisis due to an employee's mistake... (Source: Translated from KBS)

11. Episode 11


Seung‑ju, who completed the jacket sample thanks to Dong‑hui's help, is relieved. Cha‑Yeol is contemplating whether to go to the company because of his father's insistence... (Source: Translated from KBS)

12. Episode 12


Dong‑hui decides to leave the dumpling soup restaurant as Myung‑sook suggests and stay at his house. Meanwhile, Hye‑ran learns about the relationship between Seung‑ju and Seong‑wook. (Source: Translated from KBS)

13. Episode 13


Cha‑yeol lies to fool Dong‑hui, who broke her promise, and Dong‑hui rushes around to find his camera. Meanwhile, Tae‑Pyung is planning to reunite with Ja‑Young... (Source: Translated from KBS)

14. Episode 14


Cha‑Yeol, who went to the site of the hit and run accident, is distressed to hear that the victim's family is still looking for the hit and run offender. Seong‑wook serves Seung‑ju dinner. (Source: Translated from KBS)

15. Episode 15


Seung‑ju is thrilled to hear that her first love, Cha‑yeol, is coming as an intern for her team, and Dong‑hui goes to work for the first time with a trembling heart! (Source: Translated from KBS)

16. Episode 16


Dong‑hui and Cha‑yeol are dissatisfied with each other because of the misunderstandings that have accumulated over the motorcycle incident. Dong‑hui can't even eat lunch because of their conflict, so she's left working alone... (Source: Translated from KBS)

17. Episode 17


Cha‑yeol is annoyed with Dong‑hui as he had to organize data because of her eagerness to work. Meanwhile, Myung‑sook is working on a plan to get Jeong‑eun to marry Hyun‑suk... (Source: Translated from KBS)

18. Episode 18


Dong‑hui is anxious because Cha‑yeol hurts his eyes because of her, whilst Cha‑yeol enjoys making fun of her. Meanwhile, Seung‑ju drives home instead of Cha‑yeol, who has injured his eye... (Source: Translated from KBS)

19. Episode 19


While working on an inspiration board referring to the website Cha‑Yeol gave, Dong‑hui is surprised to find a picture of her grandmother's store. The next day, Dong‑hui asks Cha‑yeol when he went to Taean... (Source: Translated from KBS)

20. Episode 20


Cha‑Yeol is comforted by Seung‑ju and comes to his senses, and Seung‑ju falls for Cha‑Yeol more. Meanwhile, Seong‑wook is rejected by Seung‑ju and is heartbroken... (Source: Translated from KBS)

21. Episode 21


Dong‑hui goes out with Him‑chan after a long time. Meanwhile, Cha‑Yeol witnesses Dong‑hui with Him‑Chan... (Source: Translated from KBS)

22. Episode 22


Cha‑Yeol remembers Dong‑hui having fun with Him‑chan and laughs. Meanwhile, Seung‑ju tells Dong‑hui not risk being misunderstood by her co‑workers and to hide the fact that she has a child... (Source: Translated from KBS)

23. Episode 23


Cha‑yeol, who runs into Dong‑hui at Hyun‑seok's dumpling soup restaurant, completely clears up the misunderstanding with Dong‑hui and drives her home... (Source: Translated from KBS)

24. Episode 24


Seung‑ju is hurt when she hears from Cha‑yeol that he would support her if she likes Seong‑wook. On the other hand, Seong‑wook is uneasy about the relationship between Seung‑ju and Cha‑yeol... (Source: Translated from KBS)

25. Episode 25


Cha‑yeol asks Dong‑hui to buy him dinner and takes her to an expensive restaurant, but in the end, he pays for the meal. Meanwhile, Sung‑wook, who is troubled by the fact that Seung‑ju likes Cha‑yeol, drinks... (Source: Translated from KBS)

26. Episode 26


Seong‑wook asks for time when In‑gyu tells him to give up Seung‑ju... (Source: Translated from KBS)

27. Episode 27


At Hyeon‑seok's request, Cha‑yeol brings dumplings to Dong‑hui, who is working overtime alone, and Cha‑yeol drives her home. Seung‑ju resigns as Mi‑kyung says... (Source: Translated from KBS)

28. Episode 28


Dong‑hui and the other design staff are worried about Seung‑ju, who suddenly resigned... (Source: Translated from KBS)

29. Episode 29


Seung‑ju, who goes on a business trip to Taean, is irritated by the closeness of Cha‑yeol and Dong‑hui. Sung‑wook is conflicted about whether he should give up on Seung‑ju... (Source: Translated from KBS)

30. Episode 30


Cha‑yeol finds out that Dong‑hui was in high school eight years ago. Seung‑ju is still jealous of Cha‑yeol and Dong‑hui... (Source: Translated from KBS)

31. Episode 31


Seung‑ju witnesses Cha‑yeol hugging Dong‑hui and becomes angry with Dong‑hui involuntarily. Seung‑ju, who cares about Cha‑yeol, who takes care of Dong‑hui... (Source: Translated from KBS)

32. Episode 32


Dong‑hui is embarrassed by Seung‑ju's sudden rebuke. Meanwhile, Dong‑hui, who received her first salary, is buying a gift to relieve Seung‑ju's heart... (Source: Translated from KBS)

33. Episode 33


Dong‑hui is upset to learn that Seung‑ju has thrown away the perfume that she has given her. Meanwhile, Jung‑ho receives a recommendation to retire from the company... (Source: Translated from KBS)

34. Episode 34


Cha‑yeol is confused when he hears from Seung‑ju that she's upset with him being close to Dong‑hui. Seung‑ju apologizes to Dong‑hui... (Source: Translated from KBS)

35. Episode 35


Dong‑hui is moved by the gift of a photo that Cha‑Yeol worked on. Cha‑yeol's love for Dong‑hui grows bigger and bigger, but Cha‑yeol tries hard to deny it... (Source: Translated from KBS)

36. Episode 36


Cha‑yeol tells Seung‑ju that he likes Dong‑hui, and Seung‑ju is shocked. Cha‑yeol decides to confess to Dong‑hui... (Source: Translated from KBS)

37. Episode 37


Cha‑yeol is shocked to hear that Dong‑hui has a child. Cha‑yeol feels betrayed by the fact that she didn't tell him she has a child, and tries to give up on Dong‑hui... (Source: Translated from KBS)

38. Episode 38


Dong‑hui is embarrassed to hear that she likes Cha‑yeol. Cha‑yeol tries to break his heart for Dong‑hui, and Seung‑ju is bitter to see Cha‑yeol like that... (Source: Translated from KBS)

39. Episode 39


Cha‑Yeol learns that Him‑chan is not Dong‑hui's child, but the nephew raised in place of his deceased brother. Meanwhile, rumors are circulating in the company that Dong‑hui is having a child with a married man... (Source: Translated from KBS)

40. Episode 40


Cha‑yeol asks In‑gyu to prevent Dong‑hui from being fired because he can guarantee the rumors are not true. Seung‑ju is angry when he finds out that Cha‑yeol stopped Dong‑hui from firing her... (Source: Translated from KBS)

41. Episode 41


Cha‑yeol tells Seung‑ju, who confesses that she likes him, that he likes Dong‑hui. Seung‑ju is comforted by Seong‑wook's heartbreak and opens the door to Seong‑wook little by little. (Source: Translated from KBS)

42. Episode 42


Seung‑ju, who is taken to the audit office on charges of bribery, insists on her innocence. Meanwhile, Dong‑hui is embarrassed to learn that Cha‑Yeol still likes her... (Source: Translated from KBS)

43. Episode 43


Cha‑yeol declares that he will make Dong‑hui fall in love with him, and Dong‑hui is embarrassed. Meanwhile, Seong‑wook sets out to find the culprit who framed Seung‑ju. (Source: Translated from KBS)

44. Episode 44


When Seong‑wook finds out that the person who framed Seung‑ju is Mi‑kyung, he gets angry and releases Seung‑ju's accusation. Seung‑ju is moved by Seong‑wook like that... (Source: Translated from KBS)

45. Episode 45


Seong‑wook declares that he will marry Seung‑ju, and Mi‑kyung opposes it, saying absolutely no. After returning to the company, Seung‑ju is upset to learn that Cha‑yeol has been actively courting Dong‑hui. (Source: Translated from KBS)

46. Episode 46


Seung‑ju finds out that Hye‑ran lied about living in the Secret Palace and is troubled. When Dong‑hui finds out that Cha‑Yeol is the second son of Inha Fashion, Cha‑Yeol tries to relieve Dong‑hui's anger... (Source: Translated from KBS)

47. Episode 47


Dong‑hui is sad to hear the story of Cha‑yeol's adoption. Sung‑wook is actively pursuing marriage with Seung‑ju... (Source: Translated from KBS)

48. Episode 48


Cha‑Yeol spends a happy time in the park with Dong‑hui and Him‑chan. Myung‑sook finds out that Jeong‑ho is working at a construction site and it breaks her heart... (Source: Translated from KBS)

49. Episode 49


Seung‑ju frankly tells Seong‑wook that she lied about her family's circumstances, and Seong‑wook takes a hard line against In‑gyu and Mi‑kyung, who oppose marriage. (Source: Translated from KBS)

50. Episode 50


Dong‑hui is moved by Cha‑yeol, who works overtime instead of herself. In‑gyu tells Seong‑wook to give up his position as general manager if he's going to marry Seung‑ju... (Source: Translated from KBS)

51. Episode 51


In‑gyu finds out that Mi‑kyung has framed Seung‑ju. Meanwhile, when Jung‑ho becomes depressed after retirement, his family prepares Jeong‑ho's retirement party... (Source: Translated from KBS)

52. Episode 52


Hye‑ran expects that Seung‑ju's marriage will allow her to live in the Secret Palace, but Mi‑kyung tells Seung‑ju to come and live with them. (Source: Translated from KBS)

53. Episode 53


Hye‑ran visits Seong‑wook and asks him to move the house and open the store. Meanwhile, Cha‑yeol, unable to give up on Dong‑hui, asks Him‑chan for a favor. (Source: Translated from KBS)

54. Episode 54


Cha‑yeol gets permission from Him‑chan to be dating Dong‑hui, and Myung‑sook finds out about this and invites Cha‑yeol to her house. Meanwhile, Mi‑kyung asks Hye‑ran to meet her... (Source: Translated from KBS)

55. Episode 55


Cha‑yeol announces that he will marry Dong‑hui in front of Myeong‑sook and Jeong‑ho. Meanwhile, Seung‑ju and Seong‑wook have a family meeting... (Source: Translated from KBS)

56. Episode 56


Mi‑kyung confronts Seung‑ju's mother about who Jae‑Seok is, and remains suspicious. Cha‑yeol finds out Dong‑hui's brother died in a car accident and that she lost her grandmother at same time. Meanwhile, Tae‑pyeong finds out the customer he was treating has a crush on him.

57. Episode 57


58. Episode 58


59. Episode 59


60. Episode 60


61. Episode 61


62. Episode 62


63. Episode 63


64. Episode 64


65. Episode 65


66. Episode 66