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Image Queer As Folk

Queer As Folk

Release Date 2005-08-07
Runtime 45 minutes
Genres Drama
Stars Gale Harold, Randy Harrison, Hal Sparks, Peter Paige, Scott Lowell

Brash humor and genuine emotion make up this original series revolving around the lives, loves, ambitions, careers and friendships of a group of gay men and women living on Liberty Avenue in contemporary Pittsburgh, PA. The show offers an unapologetic look at modern, urban gay and lesbian lives while addressing the most critical health and political issues affecting the community. Sometimes racy, sometimes sensitive and always straight to the heart.

1. Move and Leave


Michael throws a surprise 10th anniversary party for Melanie and Lindsay but the evening doesn't quite turn out as planned. Justin's stay in Hollywood is extended, in turn affecting his relationship with Brian. At Ted's suggestion, Brian invests his Kinnetik profits in a new venture.

2. Back in Business


Brian re-opens Babylon but the party boys have disappeared. Justin returns to Pittsburgh after the studio pulls the plug on "Rage." Michael decides to pursue custody of his daughter, Jenny Rebecca. Behind closed doors, Ted pursues a new look after a recent fling turns out to be a chubby chaser. Emmett lands a role in front of the camera as Pittsburgh's resident "Queer Guy" on the local news.

3. Fags Are No Different Than People


Brian and Michael grow further apart as Brian struggles to save Liberty Avenue from gentrification and Michael embraces domestic life. The street may never be the same when Debbie decides to retire from the diner and newcomer Loretta Pye takes over.

4. Hard Decisions


Brian remains steadfast in his belief that marriage is the death of a relationship. Debbie has a difficult time accepting her role as a lady of leisure – especially when she discovers that Loretta has stolen her act including the button-clad vest right down to the wisecracks. Ted decides to undergo an extreme makeover.

5. Excluding and Abstemiousness


Debbie tries to let Loretta down easy. Brian must refrain from sex after he contracts syphilis. Hunter has to deal with the aftermath of his classmates and their parents discovering how he got HIV. Ted regrets having plastic surgery. Justin and Daphne discuss the possibility (or impossibility) of Brian embracing domestic life. Michael, Melanie, and Lindsey are forced to reevaluate their parenting arrangement when the fight over JR reaches its climax.

6. Bored Out of Ya Fucking Mind


Brian's reign as hottest man at Babylon is challenged by the new stud, Brandon. Although a huge success as the "Queer Guy," Emmett faces a challenge of his own when he realizes he's been hired as a clown for the network's ratings. Ted, a new man after his cosmetic surgery, has an opportunity for revenge on an old flame. Ben and Michael attempt to help Hunter lift his spirits and get back to school. Bored as a lady of leisure, Debbie finds herself back at the diner.

7. Hope Against Hope


Proposition 14 threatens same sex couple's rights while Brian deals with the threat of Brandon's presence in his world. Justin's decision to move out of Brian's loft creates a rift between Brian and Michael. Ted struggles to remember he's with Troy only in order to exact revenge. Lindsay decides to give her parents a chance and moves back home with her son, Gus.

8. Honest to Yourself


Justin lands himself in jail for standing up against Proposition 14 and his own father. Brian and Brandon work their way down the list of the ten hottest guys in their competition to determine the real stud of Babylon. Ben grieves Hunter's departure. Melanie and Lindsay attempt an in-house separation while Emmett's stalker reveals himself.

9. Anything in Common


The gang fights against Proposition 14. Michael and Brian still aren't speaking to each other while Lindsay and Melanie's in-house separation heats up. Drew finally comes out. Ted begins his quest for his Mr. Right.

10. I Love You


Cyndi Lauper makes a guest appearance as Babylon plays host to the Stop Prop14 Benefit – an event that changes everyone's lives.

11. Fuckin' Revenge


Brian re-evaluates his priorities after the bombing of Babylon. Michael continues to recover in the hospital, and a Liberty Avenue vigil for the victims ends in chaos.

12. Mr. Right (Never Broke a Promise)


Brian and Justin are getting married! Melanie and Lindsay plan on moving the family to Canada – to raise Gus and Jenny Rebecca in a country where they won't be humiliated because of their parents' sexual orientation. Ted may have finally found his Mr. Right. Emmett catches Drew with another man.

13. We Will Survive!


Brian and Justin prepare to marry, but realize they are both denying themselves who they are and call the wedding off. Lindsay and Melanie move to Canada with Michael's blessing. Michael's asked to represent the Committee for Human Rights. Ted sees his relationship with Tad for what it really is. The beat of Babylon continues...