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Image Ice Road Truckers

Ice Road Truckers

Release Date 2017-11-09
Runtime 43 minutes
Genres Reality

Take a trip to Yellowknife, Canada to experience one of the most dangerous careers around. In unfathomably cold conditions, truck drivers haul equipment and supplies to miners in the Canadian tundra in the dead of winter on a 350-mile highway of ice.

1. The Ice is Right


The ice is right? After two short seasons, the drivers are ready for what is forecast to be a cold and busy winter. But the tragic passing of legendary driver Darrell Ward leaves the community of drivers wondering who can take his place.

2. Jackknife Jeopardy


The ice road season is off to a bad start. Lisa Kelly finds herself in a real jam after jackknifing her truck deep in the backcountry. Then legendary trucker Alex Debogorski gets more than he bargained for when he falls through a patch of thin ice. But Todd Dewey is able to step it up when he comes to the aid of a stranded trucker.

3. Helter Melter


A sudden warm up threatens to derail the ice road season just as it kicks into high gear. Art Burke finds himself battling some of the scariest and slickest roads of his life. Meanwhile, Lisa Kelly is forced to ask her former boss, Mark Kohaykewych, for financial help after her truck sustains severe damage. And Alex Debogorski encounters a mystery man walking alone on an isolated winter road.

4. Meltdown Blues


After rising temperatures close the ice roads the drivers are stranded and praying for a freeze. But once a blast of arctic air reopens the ice roads it’s time to put the pedal to the metal. But be careful what you wish for because newbie Steph Custance falls victim to severe icing and winds up in a ditch. Meanwhile a trio of truckers, Lisa Kelly, Art Burke and Todd Dewey are about to see if newly reopened ice crossings are really ready for their big rigs.

5. The Son Rises


Polar Industries is in for a big payday if they can deliver a huge oversized load hundreds of miles north on the winter roads. Polar owner Mark Koyhaykewych recruits Lisa Kelly to help with this unprecedented load, but they still need another trucker to join their convoy. That’s when Mark and Lisa call in Reno Ward, the 23 year-old son of the late Darrell Ward, hoping his father’s tutelage–and DNA–will help them meet this unprecedented challenge. But nature has other ideas as a sudden blizzard adds a new layer of danger across the frozen north. Meanwhile rookie Steph Custance has a heavy load that won’t sit still and veteran Art Burke cusses his way through the entire ordeal.

6. A Bridge Too Far


A small convoy heads out on the winter roads with a giant oversized load. The treacherous journey over nearly impossible terrain will be the ultimate test of skill for Lisa Kelly and Reno Ward. Meanwhile Art Burke attempts to cross a grueling 25 mile Ice Road over a frozen lake. Veteran trucker Alex Debogorski tries to make up lost time but sticks by the code of the road as he stops to help a stranded fellow trucker. And Todd Dewey tackles a snowy road that just might get the better of him.

7. Of Ice and Men


The ice roads are at their meanest and slickest when Reno Ward has a disastrous encounter with a speeding pick-up. Then as Lisa Kelly attempts to rescue him her truck is pushed to the breaking point forcing her to leave Reno to fend for himself. Alex Debogorski finds out the hard way that small roads and oversized loads are a bad combination. Meanwhile Art Burke is a man on a mission as he attempts to deliver a Zamboni to save an isolated community's hockey season.

8. The Big Skid


After nonstop wild weather it appears the winter roads want revenge. A big bump in the road takes out Art Burke's radiator and causes a coolant crisis, while a tight turn snags Todd Dewey's rig in a deep snow bank. Steph Custance's foray onto a wet ice crossing - becomes a true regret. Meanwhile, Alex Debogorski is moving a construction shack that might be too heavy for the ice - so the veteran trucker uses a steel sled to drag the huge haul across a frozen lake.

9. Double Trouble


A volatile season is winding down and it seems like trouble comes in doubles. Lisa Kelly and Steph Custance barely get by when they team up for safe passage on the icy terrain. Art Burke takes on a two-fer, bringing a split load into the North Country, hoping this will be his last load of the year. And Polar owner Mark Kohaykewych gives Todd Dewey a job that might just be impossible: hauling a double oversized camp shack up the twisty, narrow road to the village of Big Trout. Can it be done? Todd doesn't think so!

10. One Last Lick


The spring thaw is in full melt mode as the drivers get one last lick before the ice roads close for the season. Steph Custance is the first to experience nature's wrath as she slips and slides deep into the trees off a slick road. Meanwhile Todd Dewey is struggling with a big load of construction material over a long and twisty trail. Art Burke is not a happy camper when he is pressed into service to retrieve a super heavy bulldozer over a rapidly melting ice crossing. Reno Ward takes a risky final run just to have his truck die on the ice. And Lisa Kelly is heading home when she gets an emergency call to come to the rescue before it's too late.