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Tamron Hall

Release Date 2022-06-16
Runtime 43 minutes
Genres Talk
Stars Tamron Hall

Former news host and journalist Tamron Hall discusses all things topical and engages those she interviews in thorough meaningful and entertaining conversations.

1. The Mask Debate


As the nation is embarking on one of the most chaotic school years in history, Tamron delves into a heated debate happening now – classroom mask mandates. A passionate conversation with parents and teachers who are navigating this hot-topic issue.

2. My Last Breath: Impact of a COVID diagnosis


Tamron examines the impact a COVID diagnosis has on people’s attitudes towards the vaccine, their regret, confusion, and anger. Plus, families who are still divided after unimaginable loss.

3. What Makes You Resilient: Tameka Foster Raymond


Finding resilience in the wake of tragedy: Tameka Foster Raymond on reclaiming her life after her divorce from Usher and the loss of her child. Plus, two brothers who survived an unthinkable tragedy.

4. The Great Resignation


Tamron explores “The Great Resignation” as Americans are quitting their jobs at record rates in search of more money, flexibility, and happiness. Tamron talks to real people who are making tough choices to toss their careers to the side and follow their dreams.

5. Kindness Challenge


Tamron kicks off the first-ever Tam Fam Kindness Challenge, an inspiring show full of surprises and highlighting what people are willing to do for others.

6. Hollywood Gets Real: Kat Graham, Eboni K. Williams, Cheryl Burke


An unfiltered conversation on surviving fame with Kat Graham, Eboni K. Williams, Cheryl Burke.

7. I Woke Up Like This: A Story of Sudden Memory Loss


A mystifying story of memory loss after a man woke up and could not remember 20 years of his life, and his wife and daughter became strangers. Plus, the latest can’t-miss Tam Fam Deals.

8. Women Storytellers: Gabrielle Union & Hilarie Burton Morgan


Celebrating women storytellers with two powerhouse voices: actress and author Gabrielle Union on her latest book, “You Got Anything Stronger?”; plus, actress Hilarie Burton Morgan on her new Sundance TV small town crime series, “It Couldn’t Happen Here.” Plus, more Tam Fam Deals.

9. Tamron's Birthday! Bear Grylls, Tarana Burke & Carmelo Anthony


Tamron celebrates her birthday with three people who inspire her: survival and outdoor adventure expert Bear Grylls on his new Netflix interactive movie, “You vs. Wild: Out Cold”; NBC legend Carmelo Anthony on his new memoir “Where Tomorrows Aren’t Promised”; and Me Too Movement Founder Tarana Burke.

10. Tamron's Tasting Menu: Dishes from Different Cultures with Antoni Porowski, Sohla El-Waylly & Angela Dimayuga


Tamron’s Tasting Menu: a culinary tour to discover different cultures through food without leaving the comforts of home, featuring recipes from chefs including Queer Eye star Antoni Porowski, The History Channel’s Sohla, and more.

11. Candid Conversation: Secret Mom Rage


An honest conversation with brave women who admit they suffer from so-called mom rage. Plus, helping moms deal with anger aimed at their children. And, Minna Dubin, the author of “The New York Times” article that prompted moms worldwide to share their own struggles with mom rage. Later, Tamron kicks off the Best of Tam Fam Deals week

12. Don't Stop Believing: Amanda Gorman, Tyra Banks, Dany Garcia


The power of believing in yourself: groundbreaking poet, writer, and activist Amanda Gorman on bringing her biggest dreams to life. Plus, Tyra Banks discusses how she maintains her fierce confidence even when the odds are stacked against her – and the surprise Tyra never saw coming. Also, the Best of Tam Fam Deals week continues.

13. Tamron's Big Throwback: Jaleel White, Debbie Gibson, The Wonder Years' Cast


amron’s big throwback: Fan favorite Jaleel White on his hit podcast “Ever After.” Plus, Debbie Gibson performs a song from her first new pop album in 20 years. And, the cast of “The Wonder Years” Elisha Williams, Laura Kariuki, Dulé Hill, and Saycon Sengbloh in their first interview all together. More Best of Tam Fam Deals.

14. Cassandra Peterson, Logic, and Aly Raisman


A TV exclusive: Cassandra Peterson, the woman behind the icon known as Elvira, speaks candidly about her journey overcoming insurmountable odds to become the Mistress of the Dark. Plus, Grammy-nominated Bobby Hall, aka Logic, opens up about how he went from a tumultuous childhood to becoming an era-defining hip hop artist. Also, gold-medal-winning Olympic gymnast Aly Raisman. Plus the Best of Tam Fam Deals.

15. The Heated School Halls: Critical Race Theory


Heated school halls: a conversation about Critical Race Theory with parents and educators who are at the center of discussing race and teaching race in schools. And, the Best of Tam Fam Deals week concludes.

16. Kofi Siriboe and Guests Share How Far They Would Go For Family


Kofi Siriboe from OWN’s “Queen Sugar” is joined by his mom, Koshie Mills. Plus, how far would you go for family? Meet one woman who went to medical school to solve her sister’s lifelong mystery illness and a 17-year-old boy who survived cancer after his 12-year-old sister gave him a lifesaving bone marrow transplant. Also, Tamron kicks off a week-long celebration of the Walt Disney World Resort’s 50th anniversary.

17. Ashanti and Gillian Laub


GRAMMY®-winning singer and actress Ashanti on her latest movie and news about an upcoming project. Plus, award-winning photographer Gillian Laub, who uncovered hidden truths about her family after turning her camera on them. Also, the Walt Disney World Resort’s 50th-anniversary celebration continues.

18. Alfonso Ribeiro + "I Won That!"


Actor, director, dancer, and Broadway star Alfonso Ribeiro on the new season of “America’s Funniest Home Videos.” Plus, incredible stories of people whose lives changed in the blink of an eye after winning big. Also, the Walt Disney World Resort’s 50th-anniversary celebration continues.

19. Boris Kodjoe, Michael Michele, and Jillian Mercado


Actress Michael Michele on her return to the spotlight in CW’s “Dynasty” after stepping away from acting to raise her son. Plus, Actor Boris Kodjoe on fighting for causes close to his heart, his directorial debut and his roles on ABC’s “Station 19” and the reality show parody “The Real Husbands of Hollywood.” And, actress, model, and advocate Jillian Mercado on fighting against the lack of representation of people with disabilities in Hollywood and her series, “The L Word: Generation Q.”

20. The Anxiety Epidemic in Teens


The pandemic-driven anxiety and mental health crisis in teenagers. Plus, TV host and best-selling author Dr. Laura Berman shares the warning signs other parents should be looking out for after the death of her son.

21. Amy Grant, Desi Larry, Abby McEnany


Singer Amy Grant opens up about her new personal documentary and the 30th anniversary of her iconic album “Heart In Motion.” Plus, Deji LaRay and Thomas Q Jones on their show “Johnson,” which is shattering labels. And, former “SNL” star Julia Sweeney and writer-comedian Abby McEnany discuss their Showtime series “Work in Progress.” Also, actress Molly Ringwald.

22. Life Lessons With Moses “Shyne” Barrow, Jessica Earnshow, Steve Pemberton


The rapper formerly known as Shyne on finding meaning and purpose after spending 10 years in prison for his role in the 1999 infamous nightclub shooting involving two of the biggest names in entertainment. Plus, Steve Pemberton, author of “The Lighthouse Effect: How Ordinary People Can Have an Extraordinary Impact in the World,” shares how to be a lighthouse to others. And, Jacinta, the subject of the Hulu documentary of the same name.

23. Brooke Burke


Brooke Burke on finding strength after the devastating death of her brother to morbid obesity. Plus, finding the power and resolve to overcome food addictions.

24. Julia Haart


My public divorce: Julia Haart, fashion mogul and star of Netflix’s hit show “My Unorthodox Life,” speaks candidly about walking away from the ultra-Orthodox Jewish community. Plus, a woman whose video after her husband broke up with her by cleaning out their home went viral, receiving over six million views. And, the son of a bitter international divorce and headline-making custody battle speaks for the first time.

25. Natalie Morales and Valarie Kaur


Actress Natalie Morales on her new movie, “Language Lessons,” and renowned speaker and author Valarie Kaur on her bestselling book, “See No Stranger.” Plus, surfing for connection: how some people don’t need an in-person relationship to find love, marriage and friendship – they just need social media.

26. The One Decision That Changed Everything


When one decision changes everything – a mom whose decision to not let her son sleep at her ex-husband’s Surfside, Florida, condo the night of the tragic collapse, saved his life. Plus, one friend’s surprise kidney donation. And, the decision that landed rapper Alaya “That Girl Lay Lay” High a record deal at 11 years old. Also, a double dose of Tam Fam Deals.

27. Howie Mandel


How your name impacts your life, especially when you share it with someone famous. Plus, Howie Mandel discusses his documentary, podcast and new episodes of “America’s Got Talent,” and later surprises a retired school teacher with the same name. Also, a baby naming consultant. And, an all-new Tam Fam Deal that can be personalized.

28. The Third Wheel


The impacts of a “third wheel” on relationships – whether it’s food, video games or controlling children – and solutions for a happier future.

29. Mark Cuban, Barbara Corcoran, Shalita Grant, & Jason Scott Lee


Mark Cuban and Barbara Corcoran from “Shark Tank” stop by. Plus, how walking away from one of TV’s hottest shows has paid off for actress Shalita Grant, who stars in Netflix’s “You.” And actor Jason Scott Lee on his new hit Disney+ series, “Doogie Kamealoha, M.D.” Also, kick off the week with all-new Tam Fam Deals!

30. Issa Rae, Yvonne Orji, & Kendrick Sampson


Actress Issa Rae joins Tamron to talk about saying goodbye to her groundbreaking HBO show, “Insecure,” and shares details about her “surprise” wedding, and discusses what’s up next. Also, Rae’s “Insecure” co-stars Yvonne Orji and Kendrick Sampson. Plus, all-new Tam Fam Deals supporting breast cancer awareness month.

31. H.E.R. & Debra Messing


GRAMMY® and Oscar®-winning musician H.E.R. on why she is championing the talents of rising R&B stars Tone Stith and Maeta, who perform together for the Tam Fam. And, actress Debra Messing on her latest project: how self-care can change the world.

32. Life Changing Apps


The incredible stories behind some of the most life-changing apps. Plus, the latest Tam Fam Deals.

33. Quinta Brunson, Chris Colfer, & Jimmie Allen


“Let’s Get Lit” – Tamron talks to the authors behind some of the newest must-read books, including: New York Times bestselling author and former “Glee” star Chris Colfer discusses his third book in his “A Tale of Magic…” series; multiplatinum country singer-songwriter and current “Dancing with the Stars” competitor Jimmie Allen on his powerful debut picture book “My Voice is a Trumpet”; Quinta Brunson’s humorous and heartfelt debut essay collection, “She Memes Well: Essays”; and David Archuleta’s new children’s book “My Little Prayer.’ Plus, Tamron on her debut novel, “As the Wicked Watch.”

34. Help Me Find Love


“Help Me Tamron!” week kicks off with expert advice on finding love and making it last. Tamron enlists relationship expert Rachel DeAlto for heartfelt tips to help a 26-year-old widow looking to move forward, a single dad trying to break the cycle he believes has kept him from finding love; and one woman still hopes to find “the one” after being cheated on by two men.

35. Stephen A. Smith


“Help Me Tamron!” week continues with learning how to harness the power to speak up and find your voice. Always outspoken, Stephen A. Smith stops by. Plus, one woman who experienced a life-altering event that weakened her smile but empowered her to speak up shares her story. And an award-winning author on learning to become a naturally confident speaker.

36. Justina Machado


Today’s “Help Me Tamron!” focuses on finding your inner confidence and getting your game back. Plus, actress Justina Machado, star of Lifetime’s “Switched Before Birth.” And all-new Tam Fam Deals.

37. Ali Wentworth, Marque Richardson, and Roy Wood Jr.


“Help Me Tamron!” week continues with learning how to add more laughter into your life. The hour features comedians Roy Wood Jr. and Ali Wentworth. Plus, actors Logan Browning and Marque Richardson from the critically acclaimed series “Dear White People” also stop by. And all-new Tam Fam Deals.

38. Jack Osbourne and Nanny Connie Simpson


“Help Me Tamron!” Halloween edition with expert advice for moms and dads dealing with terrifying toddler tantrums and public meltdown horrors. Jack Osbourne discusses being a ghost hunter in his new discovery+ special “Night of Terror,” being a dad of three, and growing up in a famous family. And Dara Reneé, host of “Disney’s Magic Bake-Off,” shows us how to prepare some fun Halloween treats. Plus, you won’t want to miss Tamron’s costume surprises!

39. Who Gets To Be A Victim?


A conversation about how missing person cases are handled in the wake of the media frenzy surrounding Gabby Petito. John Walsh, “America’s Most Wanted” creator and host of Investigation Discovery’s “In Pursuit with John Walsh,” joins in the conversation. And, one mom’s desperate search for answers after her son disappeared.

40. Samira Wiley and Mena Suvari


Actress Mena Suvari on finding peace and reclaiming her power after writing her memoir. Plus, “The Handmaid’s Tale” star Samira Wiley and “Black Mafia Family”’s Da’Vinchi talk about their Broadway debuts in “Thoughts of a Colored Man.”

41. Misty Copeland and PJ Morton


Inspiring stories from celebrities who are breaking barriers, including actress Lauren Ridloff, star of Marvel’s “Eternals,” ballet legend Misty Copeland who discusses her new book, “Black Ballerinas,” and GRAMMY® winner PJ Morton with a special performance for the Tam Fam. Also, all-new Tam Fam Deals.

42. Jill Scott, Barry Watson, Cody Alan


When life’s journey leads you to an unexpected place. A TV exclusive with host and executive producer of CMT Radio and “Country’s Renaissance Man” Cody Alan who opens up about coming out and is joined by his ex-wife, Terresa, to discuss their blended family. Plus, Jonathan Majors, breakout star of “The Harder They Fall,” and GRAMMY-winning singer/songwriter Jill Scott and co-star Barry Watson on their upcoming movie “Highway to Heaven.”

43. The Skin You're In


Country music superstar LeAnn Rimes opens up about her lifelong journey with psoriasis. Plus, Dr. Mercy Odueyungbo who tackles some of the most extraordinary and unique skin cases in “Dr. Mercy,” which airs on TLC and discovery+. And, a nonprofit whose mission is to help survivors of violence heal through the art of tattooing. Also, all-new Tam Fam Deals.

44. Huma Abedin


A one-on-one conversation with political powerhouse Huma Abedin, who opens up about working for Hillary Clinton and her marriage to former congressman Anthony Weiner. Plus, the cast of ABC’s “Queens”: Eve, Brandy Norwood, Naturi Naughton, and Nadine Velazquez.

45. Kendra Wilkinson, Saniyya Sidney, & Demi Singleton


Kendra Wilkinson opens up about reinventing herself from Hugh Hefner’s girlfriend to real estate agent. Plus, Demi Singleton and Saniyya Sidney, who stars as young Serena and Venus Williams in the new film “King Richard.”

46. Nischelle Turner, Mallory Weggemann, & Wendy Raquel Robinson


The cast of “The Game” on rebooting the iconic series. Plus, “Entertainment Tonight” host Nischelle Turner and American Paralympic swimmer Mallory Weggemann on her new book, “Limitless: The Power of Hope and Resilience to Overcome Circumstance.”

47. People Who Save Us


Celebrating Veterans Day with the heroes who put everything on the line to keep us safe. Amazing stories of courage, strength and sacrifice.

48. Karamo Brown


To the rescue! Stories of extraordinary people who open their hearts & homes and have risked their lives to become someone else’s hero. Plus, “Queer Eye’s” Karamo Brown.

49. Keke Palmer, Ned & Ariel Fulmer, & Dr. Nicole LaBeach


Tamron kicks off “Fall… in Love” week with the importance of date night, including a date night challenge and how food can be the cornerstone of romance. Plus, actress and TV personality Keke Palmer on her new Amazon series of short stories, “Southern Belle Insults.” Also, an all-new Tam Fam Deal.

50. Bringing down the walls in your relationships


“Fall… in Love” week continues with tips on how to break down the walls that can hold you back in relationships. Plus, “Napoleon Dynamite”’s John Heder gives a sneak peek at his new movie “Funny Thing About Love.”

51. Kenny Lattimore & Faith Jenkins


Next up on “Fall… in Love” week, we are talking about love and intimacy with love expert and matchmaker Paul Carrick Brunson.

52. Alicia Witt & Liza Koshy


Today, “Tamron Hall” explores how to “Fall… in Love” with yourself, including the small changes to bring more power and self-love to your life to be your best self. Plus, actor and singer-songwriter Alicia Witt on her book, “Small Changes” and a special performance for the Tam Fam. Also, Liza Koshy on her final season of “Liza on Demand.”

53. Creating a love that endures


“Fall… in Love” week concludes with tips on how to stay in love. In their first joint American interview, Princess of Norway Märtha Louise and boyfriend Shaman Durek, spiritual advisor to the stars, open up about how they have built a love strong enough to survive all of the criticism and hate they have faced since going public with their relationship. They will also be providing tips on how others can build a love that lasts. Plus, former “Desperate Housewives” duo Teri Hatcher and James Denton are back together on-screen and tell Tamron about their upcoming Lifetime holiday movie, “A Kiss Before Christmas.”

54. Iman & Lynda Carter


Supermodel, entrepreneur and philanthropist Iman opens up about her journey through grief into joy and why she chose to honor her eternal love for late husband David Bowie with a new fragrance. Plus, TV’s original Wonder Woman, Lynda Carter, on how she’s coping with the loss of her husband and the song she has written in tribute to their love.

55. Halle Berry, Alan Cumming, & Pau Gasol


Oscar® Award-winning actress Halle Berry opens up about her directorial debut for the movie “Bruised.” Plus, actor and author Alan Cumming on sharing his personal story in his latest memoir, “Baggage: Tales From a Fully Packed Life.” And, NBA champion Pau Gasol discusses his Amazon Prime docuseries “Pau Gasol: It’s About the Journey.”

56. Cooking with Gratitude


Thanksgiving cooking with gratitude – chefs Carla Hall, Rocco DiSpirito and Lazarus Lynch cook their favorite Thanksgiving dishes and share what they are grateful for this holiday season. Plus, an all-new Tam Fam Deal to kick off holiday shopping.

57. Mary J. Blige


A one-on-one conversation with the legendary Mary J. Blige, who opens up about new music, learning to love herself and season two of the Starz hit “Power Book II: Ghost.” Plus, stylist to the stars Law Roach’s advice on how to be confident in your own style. And, lifestyle expert Carter Oosterhouse and famed interior designer Taniya Nayak discuss the return of ABC’s “The Great Christmas Light Fight.”

58. Porsha Williams


A daytime television exclusive: “The Real Housewives of Atlanta” Porsha Williams opens up about shocking revelations detailed in her new memoir, “The Pursuit of Porsha.” Plus, unconventional relationships, including an interabled couple and a journalist exploring non-monogamy. And, Tam Fam Deals: the best stocking stuffer ideas for the holidays.

59. Marisol Nichols, Colin Wayne, & Bexy Cameron


“Riverdale” actress Marisol Nichols reveals why she made the daring decision to go undercover and investigate cases of human trafficking. Plus, Bexy Cameron explains why she returned to one of the largest cults in the world, which she escaped when she was 15, to confront her parents. And, Tam Fam Deals: more best stocking stuffer ideas for the holidays.

60. Shining a light on the social and mental tolls that multiracial individuals face


A powerful conversation with people who are saying “don’t make me choose” when it comes to racial identity. “Tamron Hall” explores what it means to be multiracial in a society preoccupied with labels. Plus, stocking stuffer Tam Fam Deals.

61. Ricki Lake & Mýa


Tamron catches up with Ricki Lake, who recently found love after loss and got engaged to the man of her dreams. Plus, GRAMMY® award-winning singer Mýa on her upcoming Lifetime movie, “My Favorite Christmas Melody.” And, the incredible story of a daughter who, after five decades, found her birth mother only to realize she was one of her favorite TV stars growing up. And, the week wrap-ups with more Tam Fam stocking stuffer deals.

62. Jasmine Guy & Jack McBrayer


63. Gloria Estefan, Eve, & Karrueche Tran


64. Debbie Allen & Cameron Mathison


65. Nicole Ari Parker & Kristin Davis


66. New Holiday Recipes


67. Brett Young


“Tamron’s Week of Wishes,” a week packed with holiday fun and surprises, kicks off with a special holiday performance by country star Brett Young. Plus, surprises for a teacher who has gone above and beyond for his students, and a little girl gets a trip of a lifetime

68. Chosen family for the holidays


“Tamron’s Week of Wishes” continues with more surprise giveaways, and we are celebrating people who have redefined family with selfless acts of giving, including a woman who donated her uterus so a stranger could carry a baby and a double kidney transplant between two co-workers and their wives. Plus, a special performance by music legend José Feliciano of his holiday classic “Feliz Navidad.”

69. Chelsea Handler, Kenny G


Fresh off her People’s Choice Award win, Chelsea Handler joins Tamron to talk about her standup comedy tour and has a holiday surprise for an unsuspecting fan. Plus, Kenny G discusses his new album and documentary and gives a special performance for the Tam Fam. And, actress Chanté Adams and journalist Dana Canedy on their new movie, “A Journal for Jordan.” Finally, “Tamron’s Week of Wishes” continues with surprises for the people who work so hard to make sure we all get our gifts.

70. Holly Robinson Peete & Ingrid Michaelson


Holly Robinson Peete joins the holiday fun to talk about her new Hallmark movie, “Our Christmas Journey.” Plus, singer-songwriter Ingrid Michaelson turns our stage into a winter wonderland. And, huge surprises and giveaways tailor-made for hardworking moms and dads as “Tamron’s Week of Wishes” continues.

71. Holiday Recipes


Tamron closes out “Tamron’s Week of Wishes” with “Hall’s Holiday Potluck.” Acclaimed chef and author Daniel Thomas joins in the Tam Fam kitchen with some favorite recipes, and “Chopped” champion Lish Steiling recreates one of Tamron’s favorite potluck dishes. Plus, GRAMMY® winner Tamela Mann stops by. And, more amazing holiday giveaways – tune in to win!

72. Celebrating women who were the first!


Tamron starts the new year with inspiration by celebrating women who are all first in their fields, including Dawn Staley who just signed a history-making college basketball coaching contract; René Syler, who inspired Tamron by being the first Black female co-anchor of a morning network show; and the first female captain for American Airlines, Beverley Bass. Plus, a special performance from the woman who portrays Bass in the Broadway musical “Come From Away.”

73. Carmela Wallace


A “Tamron Hall” exclusive: Carmela Wallace, mother of late musician Juice WRLD sits down with Tamron in her first one-on-one conversation since the rising star’s death. She discusses a new documentary about her son, new posthumous music and why shining a light on mental health and addiction is so important. Plus, the latest evidence from a scuba diver that could help solve the mysterious disappearance of two teenagers who vanished over 20 years ago. And, a Boy Scout who helped a lost family and their dog while out on a hike.

74. Dr. Sanjay Gupta


Kick off the new year with “The Tam Fam Reset Challenge!” In a daytime exclusive, Coach Monica Aldama from Netflix’s “Cheer” addresses the Jerry Harris controversy and the show’s new season, and gives her leadership lessons. And, Dr. Sanjay Gupta shares how he resets his mind and body while discussing his book, “Keep Sharp: Build a Better Brain at Any Age.” Plus, Dr. Gupta on how he helped one woman reset after her mother’s devastating diagnosis. Also, how one woman lost 200 pounds to reset her mind, body, and soul.

75. Kaitlyn Bristowe and Brooke Shields


“The Bachelorette” co-host and “Dancing with the Stars” winner Kaitlyn Bristowe shares details about hitting the road for the “Dancing with the Stars” live tour. Plus, Brooke Shields on living life to its fullest on her own terms and her new “Beginning is Now” lifestyle website. And, how making small changes in your life can lead to big improvements. Also, an all-new Tam Fam Deal!

76. That Friday Feeling! Uplifting stories of heart, soul and determination to inspire us all in 2022.


It’s “Feel Good Friday” on the “Tamron Hall” show! Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater legend Judith Jamison joins the Tam Fam. Plus, Dante Bowe performs his GRAMMY®-nominated song, “Joyful.” Also, two women – one from Boston and one from the UK – who are currently house swapping. And, Kayleigh Williamson, the first woman with Down syndrome to complete the Austin half marathon and is now training for her first marathon, joins with her mom, Sandy.

77. Laura Coates


Making dreams into reality – CNN senior legal analyst and bestselling author Laura Coates on defining success on her own terms. Plus, Demi Skipper who used a TikTok challenge and a “trade-up” system to turn a bobby pin into a dream home. And, meet the 16-year-old who went from cutting hair in his school’s bathroom to working with a barber to the stars. Also, longtime TV executive Ray Cole shares the valuable lessons he learned from the biggest names in Hollywood.

78. The Thin Line Between Secrets & Lies


In a daytime exclusive, sports executive Larry Miller, who helped build Michael Jordan’s multibillion-dollar brand, opens up about the stunning secret he kept for decades, and why he’s telling the world now in his confessional autobiography “Jump: From The Streets To The Boardroom.” Plus, ABC’s limited series “Women of the Movement” co-creator Marissa Jo Cerar and star Adrienne Warren. And, how a mother’s secret almost cost her a relationship with her adopted daughter.

79. Grace Byers


Redefining what it means to be enough. Actress and author Grace Byers on growing up biracial, being raised by two deaf parents, her children’s book and her latest TV show, “Harlem.” Plus, author and podcast host Shani Silver on her movement to empower single women worldwide. And, a mom whose 4-year-old daughter gave her the confidence to start a business. Also, Dr. Judy Ho on how to stop self-sabotage.

80. Lindsey Vonn


Olympic gold medal skier Lindsey Vonn opens up about her revealing new memoir and how she finds joy now, off the slopes. Plus, the cast from Netflix’s “Cobra Kai” joins Tamron to talk about the latest season of the popular show.

81. Turning a Loss into a Win


How NFL’s highest-paid offensive lineman Trent Williams turned a deadly cancer diagnosis into a miraculous comeback. Plus, how one small Minnesota town built a road out of ice after COVID closed the borders. And, how a photographer used her medium to turn the sadness of saying goodbye to her parents into a celebration of life.

82. Tabitha Brown & Ginger Zee


Actress, author and popular vegan food influencer Tabitha Brown on finding purpose with her new YouTube kids’ show, “Tab Time.” Plus, ABC News chief meteorologist Ginger Zee opens up about having success after healing from her personal trauma as told in new memoir. And, the cast and creator of the new Amazon Prime Video series “As We See It,” which is a coming- of-age story featuring actors on the autism spectrum.

83. Brooks Nader


A daytime exclusive: “Sports Illustrated” swimsuit model Brooks Nader is sounding the alarm after being secretly tracked by a popular device meant to help you find misplaced items. Plus, a mother searching for answers after her daughter was killed weeks after a tracking device was found on her car. And, an expert gives advice on what to look out for and how to watch your back.

84. Sonia Sotomayor


History-making Supreme Court Justice Sonia Sotomayor on how she used her own childhood experiences to write a new kids’ book, “Just Help! How to Build a Better World.” Plus, fan favorite “Bachelorette” Rachel Lindsay opens up about her autobiography “Miss Me with That: Hot Takes, Helpful Tidbits, and a Few Hard Truths,” and she is joined by husband, Bryan Abasolo. And, country music duo Rodney Atkins and Rose Falcon.

85. Young adult authors you should know!


“Let’s Get Lit” returns featuring some of today’s biggest young adult authors including Jason Reynolds, Chloe Gong, Tahereh Mafi and Ayana Gray.

86. Darryl McDaniels


Run DMC Rap Legend Darryl McDaniels on helping children find courage through his new book, “Darryl’s Dream.” Plus, FOX Sports’ ultimate NFL insider Jay Glazer opens up about his struggle with mental health and his new book, “Unbreakable.” And, from bonding through tattoos to becoming a doula, men who wear their hearts on their sleeves.

87. How these survivors are inspiring others through their resilience.


Unbelievable stories of survival including a daytime exclusive with 11-year-old Laney Perdue who was the sole survivor of a plane crash that killed everyone on board, including her father. She and her mother sit down with Tamron for her first TV interview. Plus, a man who caught his encounter with a cougar on camera; a woman who was trapped inside a candle factory when the deadly Kentucky tornado struck; a woman who was paralyzed in a mountainside car crash; and a family who survived a historic New Jersey flood.

88. Kristin Evans


In a daytime exclusive, Kristin Evans, ex-girlfriend of former NFL running back Zac Stacy, opens up about being an alleged victim of domestic violence, which was caught on tape and set off a statewide manhunt. Plus, how being caught on tape has brought criminals to justice and saved lives.

89. Caregivers share their journey


The “care generation” – the unconditional love, physical demands, emotional stress and financial strain of resilient caregivers, whose lives change to care for a parent, a spouse, a partner or a friend.

90. Beyond The Mic


Tamron goes beyond the microphone of some of the most popular podcasts, including “Life Out Loud with LZ Granderson,” which was named one of the best new podcasts of 2021 (Spotify rankings). Plus, how living in quarantine and relying on online shopping inspired SuChin Pak and Kulap Vilaysack’s hilarious podcast “Add to Cart.” And, why the host of a highly popular true-crime podcast “Up and Vanished” is searching for justice.

91. Amber Riley


Four-time GRAMMY® winner India.Arie on why she is coming forward now to discuss the trauma caused by life in the music industry. Plus, singer Mary Lambert on how she was shamed over her weight while receiving medical care and the conversation for change it sparked. And, actress Amber Riley on her upcoming thriller, “Single Black Female,” airing on Lifetime.

92. Can you believe I get paid for this?


Tamron talks to people who turned their hobbies and passions into unique money-making jobs, including an underwater pizza delivery man, a dialect coach for actors, a dog surf coach, and a man who combined his life-long sweet tooth and love of shoe design. Plus, art phenom Nikkolas Smith surprises Tamron with an unforgettable tribute.

93. Chrishell Stause


“Selling Sunset” reality star and realtor Chrishell Stause returns to talk about her new memoir, which shares her remarkable life journey and ​the highs and lows of living in the public eye. Plus, Latin Grammy winning singer Chiquis Rivera on navigating life since the tragic loss of her mom, the legendary Latin music star Jenni Rivera. And, photographer Bette Marshall’s shows us a side to Whitney Houston few have seen, in a beautiful tribute.

94. Charles Oakley


Former NBA star Charles Oakley takes the Tam Fam inside the locker room with his new memoir, plus he shows off his kitchen skills. And, Maya Washington’s tribute to her father Gene Washington who played a historic role in the integration of college football. Also, Captain Marvel comic book writer Kelly Sue DeConnick on how she is changing the game for women in comics.

95. Inspired Living


“SNL” alum Jay Pharoah and comedian Guy Torry on teaming up with an all-star comedic cast to pay tribute to “Phat Tuesdays at the Comedy Store,” now a documentary on Amazon Prime Video. Plus, the movement inspiring people worldwide to live their best lives. And, a record breaking mountain climber’s story of helping others heal from trauma that is now being turned into a movie.

96. Paris Hilton


Paris Hilton joins the Tam Fam to reveal what her life is like since getting married and discusses her new reality show “Paris in Love.” Plus, some favorite past Tam Fam guests give surprising updates on their journeys to find love.

97. Lauren Speed-Hamilton & Cameron Hamilton


Celebrating Valentine’s Day with unexpected love stories, including “Love Is Blind” fan favorite couple Lauren Speed-Hamilton and Cameron Hamilton; a couple who fell in love long distance during an online business class; and a man who donated a kidney to his new love. Plus, French pastry chef and chocolatier Jacques Torres with a Valentine’s Day treat. And, Valentine’s Day giveaways!

98. New Edition


A daytime exclusive: iconic R&B group New Edition. The in-depth candid conversation with all six members, Ricky Bell, Michael Bivins, Bobby Brown, Ronnie DeVoe, Johnny Gill and Ralph Tresvant, will focus on their personal and professional ups and downs throughout their careers. Plus, a special performance for the Tam Fam and a sneak peek behind the scenes as they get ready to launch their 30-city “The Culture Tour”.

99. Nina Parker & Tyler James Williams


Actor Tyler James Williams discusses starring in one of the most talked about sitcoms in years, the record-breaking “Abbott Elementary.” Plus, E! host Nina Parker opens up about the inspiration behind designing her own clothing line. And, radical reinventions including a 59-year-old teacher turned standup comic and a reimagined family after a father came out as gay.

100. Tinder Swindler Victims


Two women at the center of the Netflix documentary ”The Tinder Swindler” open up about taking matters into their own hands after being scammed out of money and love by a man posing as a wealthy jet-setting mogul. Plus, grandparents who took matters into their own hands after being targeted by a scammer, and other real stories of people who got scammed – and then got even.

101. Social Media & Your Child


Tamron delves into the life of today’s tweens to learn their likes, dislikes and issues they face. She tackles questions, like when it comes to social media, how young is too young? A candid conversation with tweens and their paren

102. Joe Morton & Lisa Ling


Inspiring stories that prove it can get greater later, including a 50-year-old mom who graduated medical school at the same time as her daughter; a late-in-life model; and a childhood love story 20 years in the making for Broadway star Christy Altomare. Plus, journalist Lisa Ling on her new HBO Max show, “Take Out With Lisa Ling.” And, actor Joe Morton, host of the new Crackle series ​​“Inside the Black Box.”

103. Our Favorite Nostalgic Dishes


Tamron is back in the kitchen cooking up some favorite nostalgic go-to dishes you can create at home. “Top Chef” and truTV’s “Fast Foodies” host Kristen Kish puts her twist on a classic. Singing chef and author Kenny Minor with his spin on a delicious fried chicken sandwich. And, best-selling cookbook author and host of “Bigger Bolder Baking” Gemma Stafford with a 10-minute tasty tiramisu.

104. Kel Mitchell, Joey Thurman, & Apolo Ohno


Actor and comedian Kel Mitchell opens up about his unexpected journey to become a pastor and his new book, “Blessed Mode,” and new music. Plus, Olympic legend Apolo Ohno on life after competition as described in his new book “Hard Pivot.” And, fitness guru Joey Thurman discusses why the body means nothing without a fit mind. Also, a truly modern family.

105. Taye Diggs


The power of friendships: actor Taye Diggs talks about why his lifelong friend was the right person to collaborate with on a series of children’s books. Plus, friendship experts on making friends later in life. And, the heartwarming story of the relationship between a man in need of a kidney and the woman who gave it to him.

106. Crazes Capturing Our Attention Right Now


Author Julia Quinn returns to the Tam Fam for a look at season two of “Bridgerton.” Plus, business guru Emma Grede who created fashion obsessions with Khloe & Kim Kardashian. And, ABC News award-winning journalist and anchor Linsey Davis on her new children’s book “How High Is Heaven.”

107. K. Michelle & Tess Holliday


R&B star K. Michelle opens up about how reshaping her curves with injections became life-threatening and led to her new show, “Killer Body.” Plus, a daytime exclusive with model Tess Holliday who discusses her anorexia diagnosis. And, a candid conversation with women about their body image.

108. Women Taking Control of Their Lives


Tamron celebrates International Women’s Day with inspirational women who are breaking the bias, including college senior Ally Orr on starting a scholarship fund after a professor claimed in a speech that women should not be recruited to work in engineering, medicine or the law. Plus, Dr. Lakisha L. Simmons, a single mom and professor, shares how she mastered her finances after divorce, retired at 41, and is now giving tips to other women looking for financial freedom. And, Caulipower’s founder and CEO Gail Becker who quit her job in 2016 to start a frozen food company specializing in gluten-free crusts.

109. People Who Faced the Unexpected and Persevered


A daytime exclusive interview with former NBA star Shawn Bradley who, along with his family, shares the journey to healing and adapting after a devastating bike accident left him paralyzed. Plus, novelist and singer Allyson Hernandez on proving it’s never too late to pursue your dreams.

110. Denzel Whitaker & Andre Holland


Tamron explores incredible stories of forgiveness. Jonathan Goldstein, host of the popular podcast “Heavyweight,” shares how he brings unlikely people together including one man who survived a near-fatal bike accident and the man who hit him. Plus, parents who not only forgave their daughter’s boyfriend for driving under the influence and killing her, they formed a close bond. Plus, actors Denzel Whitaker and André Holland discuss their new HBO documentary, “Frederick Douglass: In Five Speeches.”

111. Kristin Chenoweth & Tim Tebow


Tony® and Emmy® Award winner Kristin Chenoweth stops by to talk about her new children’s book, “What Will I Do With My Love Today?,” inspired by her own adoption. Plus, former NFL and MLB athlete and bestselling author Tim Tebow on his new inspirational book on living a more fulfilling life, “Mission Possible: Go Create a Life that Counts.” And, NBA veteran and radio/TV personality Jalen Rose discusses his weekly “Renaissance Man” lifestyle and culture column and podcast.

112. Gabrielle Union-Wade


Gabrielle Union-Wade returns to the Tam Fam to talk about how she created a business empire by putting family first, plus her new role in the remake of “Cheaper by the Dozen.” And, the inspiration behind CEO Lisa Nichols becoming one of the world’s most requested motivational speakers. Also, how Dierdre Wolownick’s adventure-seeking son influenced her to become a record-breaking rock climber. Plus, Emmy Award–winning broadcast journalist Richelle Carey on adopting her son at almost 50 years old.

113. Adassa & Maggie Kudirka


Singer and actress Adassa, who voices the role of Dolores in Disney’s hit film “Encanto,” on why she almost had to turn down the part, plus she sings her iconic rap, from the film’s record-breaking #1 hit song “We Don’t Talk About Bruno.” And, ballerina Maggie Kudirka on continuing to dance after being diagnosed with cancer. Also, professor Dr. Lisa Williams on why she created a doll business that celebrates all hair and skin tones. Plus, Guinness World Record holder David Rush attempts to break another record for the Tam Fam!

114. Seth Meyers & Amber Ruffin


Late night meets daytime as Emmy winner Seth Meyers joins the Tam Fam to talk about his secret to success and his new children’s book “I’m Not Scared, You’re Scared.” Plus, stand-up comic and groundbreaking comedy writer Amber Ruffin on the season two return of her weekly late night talk show. And, Emmy Award-winning sports journalist Bomani Jones talks about his new late-night sports show. Also, can’t miss Tam Fam Deals.

115. Derek and Julianne Hough, Jabari Banks, Coco Jones, & Olly Sholotan


Siblings and dance stars Julianne Hough & Derek Hough join Tamron to talk about their ABC special, “Step Into … The Movies with Derek and Julianne.” Plus, the cast of “Bel Air” – Jabari Banks, Coco Jones, and Olly Sholotan on the popular reboot series.

116. Tips to Organize and Beautify Your Home


Tamron gets crafty! Amber Kemp-Gerstel, host of the “Disney Family Sundays” crafting show on Disney+, shares incredible ways to organize your child’s room. Plus, using scrapbooking to manage stress and anxiety. And, genius gift wrapping ideas for spring from one of Hollywood’s go-to party planners.

117. Storytellers Share Their Life Altering Experiences


Reporter’s Notebook returns with Martha Raddatz, ABC News chief global affairs correspondent, who joins Tamron from Ukraine. And, CBS News’ Steve Hartman introduces us to a woman who helped a veteran’s family find closure. Plus, Clarence “Coodie” Simmons and Chike Ozah, directors of the Netflix docuseries “jeen-yuhs: A Kanye Trilogy,” open up about spending the past two decades documenting Kanye West’s career. Also, “Into the Depths” podcast host Tara Roberts on being the first Black explorer and storyteller on the cover of National Geographic.

118. Matthew Fray, Gloria Reuben, & Eriq La Salle


Unconventional love: meet a New York City married couple who say living separately has made them happier than ever. Plus, one couple who found love when a DNA test brought them together. And, author and relationship coach Matthew Fray reveals how his new book, “This Is How Your Marriage Ends,” can help save a marriage. Also, former on-screen love interests actors Gloria Reuben and Eriq La Salle of “ER” fame on reuniting in the Hallmark Channel movie “A Second Chance at Love.”

119. Tyler Henry & Wendell Pierce


Celebrity medium Tyler Henry joins Tamron to share a personal story involving his family and talk about his new Netflix show, “Life After Death with Tyler Henry.” Plus, actor Wendell Pierce discusses his new movie, “Don’t Hang Up” on Bounce. And, the woman who took in a family from across the world to help a stranger fight his illness.

120. Are We Addicted To Our Screens?


Tamron explores the dangers of digital distractions and talks to one mom whose daughter died while texting and driving. Plus, a man whose gaming addiction brought on severe depression. And, an award-winning science journalist and author’s quest to get everyone to scroll less and live more as detailed in her book, “How to Break Up With Your Phone: The 30-Day Plan to Take Back Your Life.”

121. Rachael Ray, Kandi Burruss, & Aaron Sanchez


Breakfast at Tamron’s — Rachael Ray, Kandi Burruss and James Beard Award-winning chef Aarón Sánchez join Tamron in the kitchen with delicious recipes for the most important meal of the day.

122. Erica Campbell & Kayla Barron


An exclusive interview with five-time GRAMMY®-winning gospel star Erica Campbell who speaks candidly about her weight loss journey. Plus, a special performance of her new single, “Positive.” And meet people whose ambitions have taken them far from home, including NASA astronaut Kayla Barron who joins from the International Space Station. Also, a family who moved from a big city to the Costa Rican jungle and a lawyer-turned-nomad discuss their experiences.

123. Toni Braxton, Simone Ashley, & Spice


An intimate conversation with singer/actress/producer Toni Braxton following the loss of her sister, Traci, and how she is forging ahead in her work, including executive producing and starring in the “Fallen Angels Murder Club” anthology movie series on Lifetime. Plus, actress Simone Ashley on joining the second season cast of Netflix’s hit series “Bridgerton.” Also, dancehall artist Spice talks about her journey from being homeless to earning a GRAMMY nomination and performs a song off of her debut album.

124. Conversations on Fertility and Maternal Health


The road to parenthood – catching up with some memorable “Tamron Hall” guests who tried IVF, surrogacy or adoption to expand their families, including one dad who came up with a creative way to pay for IVF and a mom who spent months on bed rest. Plus, Elizabeth Carr tells her story of being the first baby born from the in-vitro fertilization procedure in the United States 40 years ago.

125. Overcoming the Challenges of Everyday Life


How to keep from breaking under pressure – meet a group of single moms who bought a house together to ease their financial struggles. Plus, a couple explains why they developed the first-of-its-kind mental health app. And lawyer Aparna Shewakramani from Netflix’s “Indian Matchmaking” on searching for love and her debut book, “She’s Unlikeable: And Other Lies That Bring Women Down.”

126. Omar Epps & Sasheer Zamata


Actor Omar Epps stops by to talk about his incredible journey and his latest movie, “The Devil You Know.” Plus, SNL alum and star of Hulu’s “Woke,” Sasheer Zamata, on making her voice heard to have career success. And musical prodigy Grace Fisher who defied the odds to make music again after a rare virus left her paralyzed.

127. Clea Shearer & Joanna Teplin and The Potash Twins


Celebrating dynamic duos: critically acclaimed horn players The Potash Twins stop by to share their love of food and music, cook a favorite breakfast recipe with Tamron and perform their new song “Hornography.” Plus, Clea Shearer and Joanna Teplin from the hit Netflix show “Get Organized with The Home Edit” share simple steps to keep your home clutter free. And, Tamron’s hairstylist, Johnny Wright, joins the show to talk about their 20+ year relationship and his new book, “Natural & Curly Hair for Dummies.” Also, Tam Fam deals.

128. Robin Thede


Comedian and actress Robin Thede joins the Tam Fam to talk about the third season of her groundbreaking show, HBO’s “A Black Lady Sketch Show.” Plus, psychotherapist and bestselling author of “13 Things Mentally Strong Women Don’t Do,” Amy Morin, shares her roadmap to reaching your greatest potential.

129. O-T Fagbenle


O-T Fagbenle stops by to talk about playing former President Barack Obama in the highly anticipated series “The First Lady” on Showtime. Plus, being saved by unlikely heroes who were in the right place at the right time including a woman saved from a flood and the survivor of a motorcycle crash.

130. Advice for Learning to Live with a Phobia


Facing your fears – what happens when a common fear, like flying, needles or the dark, becomes a phobia? Meet people who have faced them head on. Plus, Tamron faces one of her own fears!

131. Courtney B. Vance & Tauren Wells


Emmy® and Tony Award®-winning actor Courtney B. Vance discusses his role on the upcoming AMC drama “61st Street,” and opens up about his family’s battle with mental health. Plus, GRAMMY®-nominated musician Tauren Wells with a special performance of his new single “Empty.” And, meet the 10-year-old girl who went from foster care to being adopted by her second grade teacher.

132. Raven-Symoné & Miranda Maday


A candid conversation with Raven-Symoné and wife Miranda Pearman-Maday about their marriage, motivations and the fifth season of “Raven’s Home” on Disney Channel. Plus, meet two women whose near-death experiences motivated them to live intentionally. And, the seven-year-old motivational speaker on a mission.

133. Robin Roberts & Lala Kent


“Good Morning America” anchor Robin Roberts stops by to talk about her new book, “Brighter by the Day.” Plus, “Vanderpump Rules” star Lala Kent on her new memoir, “Give Them Lala,” and her road to sobriety and fame. And, 11-year-old model and actress Mia Armstrong, with her mom, Cara, on why she’s showing the world that Down syndrome is her superpower.

134. Tina Knowles-Lawson


Tina Knowles-Lawson returns to the Tam Fam to talk about her latest accomplishment—starring in Lifetime’s “Seven Deadly Sins.” Plus, New York City Ballet dancer-turned-surgeon Likolani Arthurs. And, former Broadway performer Maria Failla on how caring for plants can cultivate joy.

135. Leah McSweeney


Leah McSweeney from “The Real Housewives of New York City” opens up about tackling her drug and alcohol addiction, how her streetwear line gave her a new beginning, and her new memoir, “Chaos Theory.”

136. T.D. Jakes & Kelontae Gavin


Exploring stories of faith and spirituality. Bishop T.D. Jakes and daughter Sarah Jakes Roberts join the Tam Fam to talk about finding purpose. Plus, Indiana Pastor Craig Duke and daughter Tiffany discuss his departure from his church after appearing on a TV show in support of his daughter. And, meet the group of nuns whose videos have more than 15 million views.

137. Updates on Our Most Talked-About Guests!


Michelle Hord on her new book, “The Other Side of Yet: Finding Light in the Midst of Darkness,” and marriage after the devastating loss of her daughter. Plus, incredible updates from some of our most unforgettable guests.

138. DJ Envy & Gia Casey


A revealing conversation with DJ Envy (“The Breakfast Club”) and his wife, Gia Casey, about staying together after infidelity and their new book, “Real Life, Real Love: Life Lessons on Joy, Pain & the Magic That Holds Us Together.” Then, a special surprise for a woman living with a terminal illness. And, one woman’s search for her birth family ends with unimaginable results. Plus, Quincy Isaiah and DeVaughn Nixon, the breakout stars of HBO’s hit series “Winning Time.”

139. Josh Peck


Former child actor and social media star Josh Peck speaks candidly about his battle with addiction and his new memoir, “Happy People Are Annoying.” And, “The Amazing Race” contestant Ryan Ferguson who was wrongfully convicted of murder. Also, two gay dads who were the targets of a hate crime on a train. Plus, the stars of the new Netflix series “Young, Famous & African,” Khanyi Mbau and Naked DJ.

140. Karena Dawn


Actor Nathan Kress discusses marriage with his wife, actress London Elise Kress, and the iCarly reboot on Paramount+. And, trainer and bestselling author Karena Dawn opens up about her mother and memoir, “The Big Silence: A Daughter’s Memoir of Mental Illness and Healing.” Also, a woman who found herself through dance.

141. Hannah Brown, Cheryl Ladd, & Darci Lynne


Former “Bachelorette” Hannah Brown shares how she is helping others through her book, “God Bless This Messy Journal…” Then, TV icon Cheryl Ladd and singer Darci Lynne talk about their new movie, “A Cowgirl’s Song,” plus a special performance with The Imaginaries. And, paralyzed former gymnast Taylor Lindsay-Noel on launching a successful podcast, “Tea Time with Tay.”

142. Kelly Rowland


Best in Beauty: from face and hair to nails and wellness, a guide to feeling beautiful inside and out. GRAMMY® Award-winning singer Kelly Rowland (co-author of “Always with You, Always with Me”); wellness entrepreneur Hannah Bronfman; nail artist influencer and first-ever manicurist for Harry Styles’ beauty brand, Sigourney Nuñez; “The Scalp Therapist” Bridgette Hill, and makeup artist Nam Vo brings her signature glow to the Tam Fam.

143. Dave Coulier & Gabrielle Bernstein


A daytime exclusive with actor Dave Coulier who speaks candidly about being an alcoholic and the moment that led him to sobriety. Plus, best-selling author Gabrielle Bernstein opens up about addiction and childhood abuse in her new book, “Happy Days: The Guided Path from Trauma to Profound Freedom and Inner Peace.” And, Erica Garza sheds light on sex addiction. Plus, Dr. Lipi Roy who specializes in addiction medicine.

144. Cheryl Burke, Sonya Curry & Nia Dennis


An exclusive interview with “Dancing With the Stars” pro Cheryl Burke, her first since filing for divorce, plus her “Burke in the Game” podcast. And, Sonya Curry, mom to NBA stars Steph and Seth Curry, talks about her new book, “Fierce Love: A Memoir of Family, Faith, and Purpose.” Also, viral sensation and former UCLA gymnast Nia Dennis.

145. Ready, Set, Action!


Mission possible: incredible real-life stories, including a man who found his birth sister, which led to an extraordinary gift; a fashion designer aiming to change the retail business; and a woman motivated to find stories of human kindness in all 50 states. Plus, some special messages from the Tam Fam.

146. Jane Lynch


Actress Jane Lynch is back with the revival of “Funny Girl” on Broadway. Plus, Councilmember Will Jawando on inspiring other young men through his new memoir, “My Seven Black Fathers,” and the best advice he got from mentor former President Barack Obama. Also, productivity consultant and best-selling author Julie Morgenstern on how to get your life organized.

147. Mother's Day Brunch: BeBe Winans and Special Guests!


Tamron celebrates moms with a special Mother’s Day brunch extravaganza! Beautiful stories of the good, the bad, and the funny from some of the moms we love. Plus, an exclusive performance from Gospel great BeBe Winans.

148. Tunde Oyeneyin, Nyle DiMarco, & Priscilla Block


Get motivated with top fitness instructor Tunde Oyeneyin who discusses her first book, “Speak: Find Your Voice, Trust Your Gut, and Get from Where You Are to Where You Want to Be.” Country music chart topper Priscilla Block performs. Also, model, actor and filmmaker Nyle DiMarco on his debut book, “Deaf Utopia: A Memoir – and a Love Letter to a Way of Life.” Plus, the high school wrestling champion who beat the odds.

149. Jennifer Grey & Andrew McCarthy


Actress Jennifer Grey speaks candidly about her new memoir, “Out of the Corner.” Plus, 1980s breakout star and director Andrew McCarthy discusses his book “Brat: An ’80s Story.” And, Christine Chiu, executive producer and star of the Netflix reality series “Bling Empire” stops by.

150. Stories of Lifelong Determination


Inspirational people who confront life’s challenges head on. How one man reunited with his high school sweetheart after 20 years to investigate the unsolved murder of his own sister. Plus, international bestselling author Dervla McTiernan who survived a potentially fatal brain tumor. And, Lisa Bilyeu whose mission is to empower women to become the heroes of their own lives. Also, an update on a family whose two children needed kidney transplants.

151. 500th Episode: Arsenio Hall & Kim Fields


Tamron celebrates 500 episodes! Arsenio Hall turns the tables on Tamron and asks her the questions! Plus, Kim Fields stops by to talk about her Netflix series, “The Upshaws.” Also, a man living in his car who raised money for the homeless by walking more than 500 miles to his dream college in Boston. And, special surprises.

152. Must Have Beauty Products!


For the first time ever, it’s Tamron’s Beauty Bar! From skin to hair to nails, a complete guide to feeling beautiful inside and out. Plus, wellness entrepreneur Hannah Bronfman with recipes she swears by, “The Scalp Therapist” Bridgette Hill, co-founder of beauty retailer Thirteen Lune, Nyakio Grieco, and more.

153. Fran Drescher


Bravo’s “Love Match Atlanta” stars Kelli Fisher and Tana Gilmore share secrets on how to go the extra mile for a love connection and a special love surprise from one of their clients. Plus, Fran Drescher celebrates the new book “N is for The Nanny” and discusses her new role as a union president. Also, meet the Chicago family whose conjoined twins survived a lifesaving separation surgery.

154. Jameela Jamil, Dashaun Wesley


A “Legendary” hour with judges Jameela Jamil, Leiomy Maldonado, Law Roach, and host Dashaun Wesley from the hit HBO Max series. Also, meet the man known as the “voice of the ballroom scene” and a special ballroom performance.

155. Christine Quinn, Roselyn Sánchez


How to boss up and live the life you want with “Selling Sunset” star Christine Quinn who speaks candidly about starting her own company and writing her first book. Plus, actress Roselyn Sánchez on the “Fantasy Island” reboot and her journey to becoming a mom. And Luvvie Ajayi, podcast host and two-time NY Times bestselling author, joins the Tam Fam.

156. Bethenny Frankel


Bethenny Frankel on her new book, “Business is Personal.” Plus, bestselling author and professor D. Watkins on his upcoming memoir, “Black Boy Smile.”

157. Zooey Deschanel


No pressure cooking! Actress Zooey Deschanel, New York Times food writer Eric Kim, and beloved chef and restaurateur Tim Love teach the Tam Fam some of their favorite pressure cooker recipes.

158. Stories of Tragic Loss and Perseverance


One mother’s battle for justice after her son’s murder was labeled an accidental drug overdose. Plus, one woman’s fight to regain her life after waking up from a 13-year coma to a family she did not recognize. And, an update on a mystifying story of memory loss. Also, Carl Clemons-Hopkins from HBO Max’s “Hacks” on life since their historical Emmy® nomination.

159. Women Call Out Doctors for Dismissing Symptoms


Medical gaslighting – a special hour conversation with women who say that their health symptoms weren’t taken seriously by doctors. Plus, Paula Eiselt and Tonya Lewis Lee, co-directors and co-producers of the award-winning documentary “Aftershock,” which spotlights the disproportionate number of Black women who die due to childbirth complications in America.

160. Jeannie Mai Jenkins


A special hour dedicated to the fight against human trafficking. Emmy winner Jeannie Mai Jenkins on her documentary “Surviving Sex Trafficking.” And, a daytime exclusive with Sara Kruzan, a survivor who served nearly 20 years in prison for killing her abuser.

161. Sean Paul


Get Lit: Beach Reads! Grab your sunscreen and beach towel as Tamron talks to the bestselling authors behind some of this summer’s hottest new books. Plus, reggae sensation Sean Paul welcomes summer with a special performance.

162. People Who Make Us Smile and Laugh


Feel Good Friday returns with actor and comedian Taylor Calmus from Magnolia Network’s “Super Dad.” Plus, veterinarians The Critter Fixers. And, a high school sophomore changing his community through technology.

163. Going the Distance to Make Incredible Things Happen


Mission possible: incredible real-life stories, including a man whose search for his birth mother led to a miraculous gift of new life; luxury fashion designer Aurora James’ pledge to increase retail opportunities for Black-owned businesses; and a woman motivated to find stories of human kindness in all 50 states.

164. Donna Mills


Actress Donna Mills on becoming a mom later in life after a successful career, and her role in the new Jordan Peele summer thriller, “Nope.” Plus, author Cindy House discusses being honest with your kids about past mistakes; a candid conversation about motherhood; and parenting survival tips from expert and author Ericka Sóuter.

165. Luke James


GRAMMY®-nominated singer and actor Luke James talks about pushing past fears and starring in “The Chi.” Plus, when preparation meets opportunity: meet 18-year-old high school student Kai Neukermans who filled in for Pearl Jam drummer Matt Cameron after receiving an urgent life-changing text.

166. People Who Went Above and Beyond


An exclusive with Susan Altman who is breaking her silence about her sister’s husband being convicted of murder seven years after her death. Plus, everyday heroes, including a Florida highway patrol officer who put herself in harm’s way to save a bridge full of runners; a third-grade teacher who saved a student; and a 5-year-old child whose call to 911 saved his mom’s life.

167. Colton Haynes


A special “Proud of Me” episode celebrating the journey of people becoming who they were always meant to be. Featuring actor Colton Haynes sharing details on his path to sobriety and redemption in his new book, “Miss Memory Lane: A Memoir,” and a special performance by Sammy Rae & The Friends.

168. Eva Longoria & Zoe Saldana


What to watch this summer! Eva Longoria and Zoe Saldana on executive producing the new comedy series “Gordita Chronicles”; plus, meet the show’s stars, Olivia Goncalves and Diana Maria Riva. Also, WWE superstars The Miz and Maryse discuss their popular reality TV show “Miz and Mrs.” And award-winning actress Karen Pittman stops by to talk about her new movie “Unthinkably Good Things.”

169. Brown & Alicia Etheredge-Brown, Grant Hill & Tamia


An intimate interview with music legend Bobby Brown and his wife, Alicia Etheredge-Brown, about the new docuseries “Biography: Bobby Brown.” Also, NBA great Grant Hill opens up about life on and off the court in his new memoir “Game: An Autobiography.” And his GRAMMY®-nominated wife Tamia joins to talk about love and marriage.

170. Kristen Johnston


Tamron kicks off the summer edition of her popular “Up-and-Coming Fashion Designer” series. Plus, Actress Kristen Johnston on her new movie, “Small Town Wisconsin.” And The New York Times best-selling author Daniel Pink shares insight from his book “The Power of Regret: How Looking Backward Moves Us Forward.”

171. Da Brat


In their first daytime interview since marriage, Rapper Da Brat and wife Judy Dupart talk about the new season of their reality show, “Brat Loves Judy.” And history-making model Yumi Nu stops by. Plus, “Jurassic World: Dominion” star DeWanda Wise. Also, “the female Indiana Jones” Alison Teal from her latest stop around the world.

172. Rising to the Challenge and Empowering Others


The summer edition of Tamron’s “Up-and-Coming Fashion Designer” series continues. Plus, amazing people who were down but not out, including an 11-year-old boy who went from being homeless to one of the youngest U.S. chess masters and a couple who did not let a canceled flight stand in the way of saying “I do.”

173. Valerie Bertinelli & Jenifer Lewis


Award-winning actress, author, and chef Valerie Bertinelli stops by to talk about her cooking show “Valerie’s Home Cooking” and book “Enough Already,” plus she joins the Tam Fam kitchen to cook a delicious dish. And, Hollywood legend Jenifer Lewis on her newest role in “I Love That for You” and upcoming book. Also, renowned marriage counselor Dr. Gary Chapman discusses his New York Times best-selling book, “The 5 Love Languages: The Secret to Love That Lasts.”

174. Finding Purpose After Facing Difficult Days


Tamron’s “Up-and-Coming Fashion Designer” series, summer edition. Plus, an 11-year-old boy who went from being homeless to one of the youngest U.S. chess masters. Also, the gift of life: meet a mom whose son’s heart was donated to a young boy. And, a couple who did not let a canceled flight stand in the way of saying “I do.”

175. Rising Stars in the Fashion Industry


The summer edition of Tamron’s popular “Up-and-Coming Fashion Designer” series continues featuring designers from around the country with a passion for fashion. This installment showcases talented ready-to-wear, sustainable luxury, bridal, and fine jewelry designers. Plus, fashion icon Kenneth Cole with a special surprise.

176. Best Surprises: Revisiting Our Most Unexpected Moments


Social media star Jimmy Darts shares how he delivers small acts of kindness in big ways. Plus, some of the most unforgettable Tam Fam surprises and updates on some memorable guests.